Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Someone mentioned about his site Regency Shop on my cbox. And I checked it out. They sell those modernize and unique design furniture. I wrote about those Chair-mania stuffs on my blog before. It will be great if I can get at least bubble chair or ball chair. Haha! But then I will need bigger house in Singapore (maybe, after my brother finishes his study and start working, I shall buy house or rent house by ourselves or something). Or maybe, I can keep the chair at my house in Yangon (at least a month in a year, I could go back and use chair.)

This is called Marshmallow Sofa. But they look like those medicine tablet to me. =D

Those hanging bubble chair and bubble chair are having as clearance sale.
Hanging Bubble Chair normal retail price is like $3500, but now it is only $895.
Ball Chair normal retail price is like $3500 as well, and now it is only $695.
P.S, Although I can't afford that a few hundreds price yet, I feel it is cheap after seeing those price, maybe because of those difference retail price and currently price thing.
Shipping will cost like $199 for one item.
Marshmallow Chair $699
Hanging Bubble Chair $895

Ball Chair $695

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  1. Vico said...
    That last chair reminds me of the movie Men In Black.

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