Monday, April 23, 2007

today is kinda bad day ..i met that major jerk..maybe, i dated him before, is one of sorta biggest regret in my life..thanks to myself that i told him i didn't want to date him and goin out wit him anymore..
totally, pissed off..cuz i was nice enough and i asked him are you in the queue to exchange money? (cuz i didn't know he was in the queue and i cut the queue) he ignored my question and pretend lik he doesn't know me at least, as a stranger, he should response me something even with his facial expression..Hello! i was askin him question and tryin to b nice cuz i didn't know and i cut the queue..

another thing is
another, i should use MasterCard payment with CapitaCard..wahh..if i use it, i will get about S$200 cash back...and can use it like real cash for next purchase at CapitaMall..wahhh

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Starting a new blog.
Today is someone's happy birthday which I can't wish to him. Now he is 26 years old. Some of my friends from xanga might know I'm talking about who.


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