Friday, July 29, 2011

I have donated blood for 7th time (1 time, it was not successful and it was stop half way, but I still count though, lol)

Nurses said I have small veins to draw blood.

Look at my iphone casing, isn't it cute. Haha.

 I am using this casing now. I treat my iphone like my baby, so I change the casing every now and then.

Tomorrow (actually today, now it is like 2.38am, my flight is at 9am), I am  going back to Yangon for 5 days. My brother is going back with me as well. It will be good, if I can go back to Yangon every 3 months. Only this time, I am quite frequently going back (Nov 2010, March 2011, July 2011). Hope I will have a lot of fun in 5 days even though it is quite short period.

To Vico : Nope, I didn't get anything for my brother, hehe, previously I gave him iphone4 when I renew my contract. He gave me iphone4 in march as early birthday present as well. Anyway, we are using same source of money though (we combine our salary :p). That rock from the ring doesn't mean anything, it is just unique and I like it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy birthday to my one and only brother. I hope we will argue less in future.

Bought two rings from forever 21.


Bought multi sim adapter, so i wont need to cut sim card from ygn to become micro sim 

This is how i will look like if my eyes are bigger. I used one photoshopped app from iphone. Just for fun, haha

To vico : cameo? U make me happy, haha. I thought cameo is used only for star or famous appearance only. If a person like me, should use as extra. But anyway, i rejected the role twice for movie and music video. I am camea shy person even if someone unfamiliar takes photo for me. I am not rich or have a boss or win lottery (i wish i win first prize or something, so i can go back my country for good and travel around the world then set up my own business and work for myself). I will go back cuz air ticket is dirt cheap which is nearly half price of normal ticket. I paid only like S$160 for round trip.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Some actor and actresses from Myanmar are in Singapore and they are doing some movies here. It was at one of my friend's house. And I got invited from her and I went there to visit to see how they make movie.

The actor is Hein Wai Yan, the actresses are Thet Mon Myint and Chaw Yadanar.

After that, I got something to do at Takashimaya Hugo Boss Orchard. So I went to Orchard, Thet Mon Myint needed to go there as well. So I was kinda like escort for her and bring her along to Orchard. I love Thet Mon Myint, she is lovely and cute, isn't it? She is my new crush now =)

Me, Thet Mon Myint and Lu Lu Htet

P.S. I am going back to Yangon again in end of July. I will just stay there only for 5 days. Will be back to Singapore on 3 August and I will bring back my parents to Singapore for visit. Then we will go to Malaysia for vacation also. Air ticket from Jetstar was having promotion that time when I bought air ticket. And price was so cheap, that why I decided to go back.


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