Monday, November 30, 2009

Visited to Hederson Waves and Orchard with Wynnle.
Last year Xmas Deco at Orchard Deco is much better than this year.

Can you see the waves? Henderson waves is highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

The Moon, The Sky & Me (My face is bigger than moon)

In Orchard Central Shopping Centre


The long escalator at outside of Orchard Central

Sky Garden

In front of The Hereen

In front of Paragon

In front of Tangs

My silent readers : Heiman, Pwinty, Kristy (My best friends from real world, this is what I know, I might miss out some. I know them because Heiman calls me if I don't update new post. The other two talk to me in Gtalk about my entries). I love you all :)
MaBayDar, MadyJune, they do leave comments sometimes. I love you all too :)
And one and only Vico who always leave comments in almost every posts. I love you too even though no idea who are you, Haha. =P Even my friends wonder who are you too and ask me about it. ^~*

Monday, November 23, 2009

I have thought a few facts about popular kdramas. I don't know it is logic or what. It is just my feeling.

- Female leads are miserable and poor (she is sorta like most pity thing in the world).
- All the bad things happen to her, but regardless of that, she always has someone who will help her no matter what.
- All the guys in drama LOVE her and everyone LIKE her (except second lead actresses, sometimes, they are nice and love her too).

Actually, I don't want to point out those common facts from KDrama. There have already some. I just want to mention that why they are popular. I feel as these kind of drama's target is to audience who are female age between 15-30 years. We could feel like how about if I were the lead actress from drama and those stuffs. Or at least, thinking it will be great if my life is sorta like this drama (I know drama is drama though).

I don't know what I am saying. But I know what I am thinking and feeling. I might not know how to write exactly what I am feeling. I just feel this way after popular kdrama's trend (I don't mean about rating). It is about sensation and people around me like these drama.

Goong -> Coffee Prince -> Boys Over Flower -> You're Beautiful -> I would love to see Hana Kimi (Korean version)

I could see common things, don't you?

To Vico : I was wearing short skirt. So with pant and pajamas, it is easier to act and pose, isn't it? Yap, we were not playing, posing only. We don't know how to play guitar except that guy who is owner of all the guitars.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We started taking pictures with Guitars after Nilar started. Mr.TWH has like a lot of guitars. He is the guitar crazy. He has like at least 5 guitars.

Oh, we shall see the craziness. It will become memory and fun after a few years and we look back these photos.

This story started when she picked up the guitar and posed.

I am wearing my pajama, YES..

They said I look so seriously playing guitar in this picture

I just added this stuffed toy for fun. I feel it looks match with my pajama color blue.

Ok, this time is for Pooh.

We are so serious in playing guitars. We should not look into camera.

I feel like Jason Mraz's pose.

We wear some shades. Does it look like blind band?

Ok, now look at the camera.

I am the eskimo

This time, we play small guitars. (The toy guitars of Mr.TWH's son)

Change guitar, I want bigger toy guitar.

Birthday Girl Nilar

Bring out more accessories. Nilar the winner and Mr.TWH the mafia boss?

I am the boxer. But do I look like Eskimo? Ok, I am the Eskimo boxer.
(Bathroom robe makes me look so big and fat)

Ok, I am the winner.

Wanna fight?

P.S. I gave ideas how we gonna pose and I brought out some accessories. It will be great if we have fake wig (have one, didn't know where they keep it).

Adding accessories to take photos, this is totally fun. We can't stop laughing after seeing these photos until like our stomachs are about to burst. These photos will be memory and fun after a few years when we look back.

So difference from yesterday. I don't really have stress and had fun. We had steamboat buffet earlier at Bugis. After that back to home, take pictures and cut cake session. I might not able to act all those crazy things in front of other people. But these people TWH, Nilar, Ma Bon, they are my best friends and we have been know each other about more than 8 years and we are flatmates as well. I love all my best friends, HM, NL, Ma Bon, TWH, Wynnle, Sai, etc (If I forgot to mention some). We all are from same high school (Except TWH and Wynnle), St.Augustine.. Augustine Power, yah.

Happy Birthday to Nilar.


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