Friday, November 13, 2009

My friend bought weighting scale for their baby. So here I come to know my weight, the moment of truth. People around me of course you are oh-so-fat or fatso. They will tell me little bit fat or chubby. I am happy to hear it too. Haha. But weighting scale won't lie. But I think I look slimmer than my actual weight. After I know my weight, I was freaked out. And I did jogging, running, walking at reservoir near my house.

A lot of people do jogging, running, cycling, walking and a lot of activities out there. It is just that I am so lazy to go alone. I need some motivation. I don't really have anyone to go with me, so yeah, I just went alone.

Water skiing.

Zip lining

I stopped and turned around at 3.8km (P.S. I didn't run 3.8km for one way, I started at 2.8km, lol)
Do you feel the motion?

The sky is so blue

So let me show you some gray cloud

I started at 5:40PM and returned back home like 6.50PM. For one way, I jogged/run/walked about 1km. And total about 2km. It is only showing on milestone. If I added about the walking distance from my home to reservoir, total might be about like 3km? After two days of jogging/running/walking, my whole body was aching when I went to work. It was about 2 days. And I walked weirdly, taking stairs was hard for me too. Thanks god, after two days, I am back to normal. Will I go again this weekend? Let's see, if I am free. This weekend, I have to go outside and have a few things to do though.

To Vico : Well, I guess I have fair complexion I don't really need whitening effect though. But I mean for like brighter face when I wear sorta like make up foundation :D

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  1. Vico said...
    Good Luck with exercising, remember it's only really hard at first but once you get into a routine it's better.

    Ok, I don't really know about these creams. I thought you were going Michael Jackson on me. :P

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