Monday, November 30, 2009

Visited to Hederson Waves and Orchard with Wynnle.
Last year Xmas Deco at Orchard Deco is much better than this year.

Can you see the waves? Henderson waves is highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

The Moon, The Sky & Me (My face is bigger than moon)

In Orchard Central Shopping Centre


The long escalator at outside of Orchard Central

Sky Garden

In front of The Hereen

In front of Paragon

In front of Tangs

My silent readers : Heiman, Pwinty, Kristy (My best friends from real world, this is what I know, I might miss out some. I know them because Heiman calls me if I don't update new post. The other two talk to me in Gtalk about my entries). I love you all :)
MaBayDar, MadyJune, they do leave comments sometimes. I love you all too :)
And one and only Vico who always leave comments in almost every posts. I love you too even though no idea who are you, Haha. =P Even my friends wonder who are you too and ask me about it. ^~*

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  1. Vico said...
    Yay, pics.(^_^) I checked a couple of days ago, I thought you had abandoned this blog. That bridge seems cool, is it really a good idea to be laying down; isn't dirty?
    In that pic with the moon, your hair looks short did you cut it?
    Do you know those two kids in that red Christmas tree pic, they hijacked your photo, lol.
    Your friends ask about me. (*_*) I hope they don't think I'm some stalker. :P

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