Friday, March 28, 2008

Trend Vs Me

I'm not sure I followed the trend or trend follows me something (don't think I'm bragging).

- When I started to like crown accessories. It wasn't that popular in Singapore yet, I can even barely find anything related to crown (only like earrings, Susie knew that I like crown, so she gave me bunches of earrings as my birthday present, how sweet). Then I visited to Bangkok and had shopping at there. I bought crown earrings and belt. As time goes by, I started seeing girls wear those kinda crown belt and crown accessories.

- I started to like silver, gold, purple, violet color since last year around Novembers, December. I think those colors aren't that popular yet (even though the clothing / items with those colors are in market). This year 2008, I saw like a lot of people wearing purple, violet, gold, silver.

Well, I cut the crap. Nothing, it was just my thought.


My cousin named Cellular's video.

Sat Thwe Mhu Area Pyin Pa by Myo Kyawt Myaing

Ye Min Thein by Yatha

Myue Kywa Nay Tae by J-Me, Yan Yan Chan

A Kone Hta Ka by Bon Bon

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This kid is so cute. His eyelashes are amazing. They are naturally so curl and long. They can even reconized in pictures. The way he talks is so cute as well. I just watched his movie "Little Prince".

Monday, March 24, 2008

I don't feel like what to give the title. I have been not so feeling well about a week and still coughing like hell.

What have I done this weekend, well, nothing much. Took medicine and sleep like a pig. The coughing medicine works, it made me so sleep and making me some imagination or nightmares. Thanks to that medicine, yesterday I slept until 3PM and last night, I couldn't sleep because I woke up so late, I dare not to take that medicine if I have work.

Check out this website. His birthday show is on 10th April. Visiting his website and there has a chance to get free ticket if you are from YGN.

Guess this year his birthday show theme. Does he look like clown in picture? Haha.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grr, I'm sick for a few days. Last two days were medical leave from my work. I must be tired from last Saturday & Sunday shopping. I become weak person. Maybe, 2008 isn't good health year for me. I'm sick like every month, seriously. Coughing, sore throat, running nose, blocking nose, body ache, headache, etc.

Friday is holiday, yahooo!!! So just work one more day and three days off again. Some of my friends visit to Singapore, so yeah, I have to meet and at least show them around Singapore a bit. Sunday, Tharyar's family is coming to Singapore for transit. Finally, I can't wait to meet her son "Aiden" & her daughter "Evelynn". They are so cute. Hopefully, she would call me once she reaches Singapore. They gonna sleep over like one night in Singapore and fly to their home in Canada.

Aiden & Evelynn in Halloween costume, ain't they so cute?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today I went to IKEA Tampines with Winle. I bought a few stuffs for my new home in YGN (actually for my room only =D). Those star lighting decorations are so cute. After I bought them, I was like "oh, crap, in YGN, electricity is always cut off". Well, whatever, I will just decorate them when electricity is cut off. They are pretty, isn't it?

I'm also going to decorate my room with glowing stars (which is glowing in dark) in my room.

Actually, there still has a few things I want to buy for my new home. But BOO! What the use if I can't bring back or hard to bring back to YGN? Those are like big chair and some big stuffs.

The big star in dark

No light

I bought this because this is purple, but this is not so pretty in dark, isn't it? (now I'm crazy about purple, voilet, right?)

Stars again

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Every Saturday becomes like my shopping day. Spend like half day and my legs are like so tired. Whenever my legs are tired, I miss my foot massage and foot spa in MDY.

Friday night, we tried out this color 'Ash' color from Gatsby. I dyed this color for my brother's hair.

Well, well, turn out this. Not a single hair is ash color, lol.

I bought this hand phone key strap with my shortcut name on. Since I'm loving these shiny stuffs, I'm getting with diamond alphabet. It costs me like $24. (I shot with Sony DVD Handycam and they turn out so nice (even without photoshop or anything) with sparkle. So yeah, I posted all the pictures I shot (I was choosing which background would be better.)

And I bought this Nokia 5610 for my dad's birthday present (Oh, I'm good daughter, isn't it? lol)
I bought this Nokia because I heard it is like Nokia reception is way better than Sony Ericsson in YGN. I have big time sucking while opening the back cover to put the SIM card.
Well, a lot of people bought this Nokia 5610. HM's brother also bought this. My brother friend also bought this. I don't mean in same shop. I just heard about it later.

Bought Globe for my brother at The Hereen. I'm such a Globe shoe's fan and so does my brother.

Bought this Superman Bling Bling for my friend. Argh! I need to find another one for him. There seem to has nothing good. He wants Ice-Cream shape Bling Bling. I can't find one except look-alike Ice Cream shape which is upside of microphone (there has a lot of downside of microphone shape Bling Bling as well).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I always surf Guess Shop website and drool over those items (because the shipping is only in US, duh! And most of items from the web, ain't in local Singapore store yet.)

Ruth Mix Media Dress

Love the color pink and it is cute.

Felica Mini Dress

Sexy, and will be perfect with nice body.

Colette Colorblock Dress

I feel this dress is kinda sporty, I don't know why.

Jane Dress

Renae Dress

Bridget Dress

Sydney Dress

This is cute.

Lana Dress

Sexy dress.

Bella Dress

The front is ok, I don't like the back design.

Jenna Dress

I bet models are pretty even though the face is cut off.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Home in YGN, it's all green and see the cartoon, isn't cute? Yayy!!

But the blue things at ceiling, why not green. Now the theme is like white, green, blue, yellow :D
Well, I don't blame, I just thought it might be better.

I'm so excited to see my room in purple. But I don't get any more photo except those below photo.

Monday, March 10, 2008

8/3/08 (Saturday)

I went to IT show last Saturday and bought a few miscellaneous and gadgets until my hands are so tired from carrying. Actually, some stuffs I bought are for my friends and colleagues.

Relax at somewhere in Suntec after shopping at IT show

I went out with WinLe and we had lunch at Inle and another meal at Japanese Pizza and Pasta restaurant Shokudo. We had Seafood wafu tomato cream sauce and Tariyaki Chicken pizza. Pizza was so thin like Myanmar snack Nan Pyar. Not bad, different taste of pizza.

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza (forgot to take Seafood spaghetti with wafu tomato cream sauce)

I was tired from walking and I told Winle about foot massage I got in Mandalay when I went back YGN last Dec. That time, I had foot massage like every night with my crews. It was so good and relax time. And unexpectedly, Sai Sai called me that Saturday night and asking me to buy for him a few things for his upcoming Birthday Show (I can't tell here about his birthday show theme yet, he always has like theme and unique design such as stage for his show, right?). And he said he can't come to Singapore yet and he is now at Mandalay, Great Wall Hotel which is the hotel we stayed last time and there has spa which has good foot massage (that why he always stays there if he is in Mandalay). Well, enough of this. This month I have to spend a lot of money to buy this stuffs, to buy that stuffs, Sigh~~

Some more to come -

Hand phone for my dad as his birthday present (Dad)
Anti-aging skin care for mom (Mom)
Sony Handy Cam carrying case (Dad)
Home Theater System (Dad)
All Star Bag (Brother)
Globe Shoe (Brother)

God, please let me win next month lottery.

9/3/08 (Sunday)

I went to Blood Donation Drive at Admiralty Garden Community Centre with HM. HM did a good deed with me. This time my blood donation was everything fine. I don't get bruised on my hand because of donation and I got like full of whole blood bag which make me happy (last time, my blood bag wasn't full like this and nurse told me it was so hard to find vain and kinda difficulty and that lead me to get bruise on my hand like a week.)


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