Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some more pictures from Orchid Conference, I just got these photos from my friend's camera

I was going out three days straight on my four days off. It was fun even though a bit tired.
These photos are taken at Botanic Garden. It was raining a bit and we had to walk around and around so it was a bit tiring.
WISH I own this carrrrrrr

 Ma Bon's mom and Me

I was wearing the new t-shirt and wedge heel from gmarket. I can't wait to wear new things, haha.

This is next day, I went to Ma bon's house to celebrate Nilar's birthday at there.

Kweet and Me, I miss him a lot. We used to stay under one roof but now I have moved to new place :(

Ma Bon, her son 'Kweet Kweet', Birthday Girl Nilar and Me
They are my close friend. We have known each other since 10 years ago.

Kweet the cameraman. I wish I could play with him any day again.

To Vico : The only place I go is Burma, my home, my home. I have not been to other countries except just one trip each to Malaysia, Bangkok. Now you can see I am wearing wedge in this post picture. Fashion comes back from past, right? Wedding, yeah, everyone is getting married and get kids. I have been attending wedding and their kids' birthday party. But I am just single spinster, lol. Taking pictures from outside of Orchid Conference, it is not cheating since they displayed some orchid at outside, other people were doing it as well.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Mie Nge : 
You can register to get an account in Gmarket easily. Gmarket VIP, I think I saw my account as stated with VIP the other day. But I did not know exactly where to find it now. I think it might not have much privilege for VIP, it might be just status. You might become VIP after you buying things from there by certain amount or something. Till now, I guess I have spent at Gmarket about S$500-1000? You can subscribe for Gmarket newsletter and will receive promotion new whenever they have it.
For Gstamp, you can get it from after buying things and write review about them or daily draw or participate in same events. For Gstamp, you can exchange with some discount coupons. Example you can draw or exchange 1 or 5 Gstamp with S$1 off voucher with minimum purchase of S$10.

Hope they will answer your questions. Let me know if you want to know more about it. I am not really good in explaining but I will try my best.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I love shopping shopping shopping on Gmarket Singapore. I bought this wedge heel and 12 t-shirts recently. Yayyy, I have received all my items within 1 week. All are directly sent from Korea.

This Esprit bag and Maybelline Dream Matte, I bought from US. I bought from one of the shop from facebook and seller sent those items from US.

I have bought Lumix S1 digital camera for my parents. They have lost their Samsung camera when they have moved to new house. Price is cheap, camera is light weighted and nice. I got silver because it is for my parents. Lumxi S1 is available in metallic Pink, metallic blue and black also. Black was out of stock, if I am going to get for myself I am going to get metallic pink. Such a cutie.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ma Nwe called me and said there is Orchid show at Marina Bay Sands. So we planned to meet and went to that place. Me, Ma Nwe and Ma Nay, I had lunch at Peninsula Plaza after that we went to Marina Bay Sands. It was crowded. I did not know ticket price cost like S$20. I rather eat some delicious food or do online shopping at gmarket. =p Ma Nwe went to queue to buy ticket. But it was such a long queue. So we decided not to go to that show. We just took some pictures at outside.

All the photos taken by Lumix S1 which I just bought recently for my parents. I have tried a few selfcam with this camera. A kind lady offered me that if I want to take photo, she could help me. I smiled and said no thanks. It is a bit embarrassing because I was just practicing for self portrait. Hehe..

There still have a few more pictures at Ma Nwe and Ma Nay's cameras. We all brought digital camera each =D
I am hoping all the happy events ahead, yayyyy. Tomorrow, I am going to Botanic Garden with Ma Bon and her family (now it is past midnight, so it is not tomorrow anymore, it gonna be in a few hours soon, but I have not slept yet). On Monday, I am going to meet Wynnle and going out.

Oh yeah, I gonna be bridesmaid for a friend's wedding on 11 Dec. I am excited. I am not confident of my look without glass. I am not confident about the way I look (I am fat also right). I am  nervous about I have to walk in front of a lot of people and all eyes on me.

And lastly, I might go back to Yangon, Burma one or two days earlier than my current planned date. But my flight is in waiting list for the days I want. I may go to Pyin Oo Lwin with my friends. At first, there was no plan about Pyin Oo Lwin trip. Now there is, so yeah. Trip Trip, I need big big vacations. Just thinking about happy events make me happy. I hope my everyday will fill with happy events and hang out with friends. I do not want to be lonely and depress spinster because I am single. I need LOVE!!!!


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