Monday, November 21, 2011

I love shopping shopping shopping on Gmarket Singapore. I bought this wedge heel and 12 t-shirts recently. Yayyy, I have received all my items within 1 week. All are directly sent from Korea.

This Esprit bag and Maybelline Dream Matte, I bought from US. I bought from one of the shop from facebook and seller sent those items from US.

I have bought Lumix S1 digital camera for my parents. They have lost their Samsung camera when they have moved to new house. Price is cheap, camera is light weighted and nice. I got silver because it is for my parents. Lumxi S1 is available in metallic Pink, metallic blue and black also. Black was out of stock, if I am going to get for myself I am going to get metallic pink. Such a cutie.


  1. mie nge said...
    G market က G stamp က ဘယ္လို သုံးရတာလဲဟင္
    ခုမွ ပထမဆုံးအၾကိမ္ ဝယ္ဖူးတာ
    VIP customer ကဘယ္လို အခြင့္ထူးေတြ ရလဲဟင္

    အခ်ိဴ့ highlight ေလးေတြ ေျပာျပေပးလို့ ရမလားဟင္

    Vico said...
    You sure do like t-shirts. My mom has pics from when she was young and she was wearing similar shoes. It's like fashion from the 70's. :D

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