Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am going back to YGN in 1 hour. It will be hard to use internet in YGN. I am total noob to use internet in YGN, it is kinda complicated to use anyway, it is like I can't use blogspot, yahoo, blah blah. I will be back to SG on 4 Jan. It will be very sad thing though, my flight reaches here like 11:25PM, after everything done, I will reach home like 12AM or something. And somemore, I have to go work on Monday. I will have enough feeling of like leaving YGN and my family. I still have to face those things as well. Arghhh!!! Don't want to think about it now.

To Vico : yeah. I always buy my bedsheets from Aussino Kids, yes only kids collection. They are so cute though. That why my bedsheet is like kid design. Haha. Byeeee, Vico. What do you want me to buy from YGN. Haha.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally, I decorated my ice cream with stickers from my treasure drawer. Yesterday, I bought this ice cream bar from Bugis Parco. It is pink, cute and isn't it sweet? These days, I saw a lot of cute stuffs are like food stuffs and sweet things.

From Canon E1
From Canon E1
From Canon E1
From Canon E1
From Canon E1
From Canon E1

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vico talking about pink stuffs. Yeah, I do have pink dresses (I just bought it last Saturday). Pink satin dress, not baby pink though, it is more like hot pink (there has another pink dress, I didn't transfer yet to my computer or what? I didn't see in my lappy, weird, I took picture last night and transferred all for god's sake, I think so).

I have like big shoulder and arm. So I'm not confident to wear bare shoulder dress. So I gonna wear with jacket like in second picture.

More about phone again, my friend showed me a few picture of LG ice cream phone again. Check the lighting, isn't it just cute? Keypad light is totally pink and uber uber cute. (three pictures below credit to ma yeemon and original uploader from

This is back cover, it is just pretty that you can mistake it as front.

Oh, the lighting, my brother Soju customized it for me 'SZA' and 'OMG...' There has emotion icon like ~_~ this as well. Lota lota emotion icons.

Btw, I want Princess sign door hanger like first two pictures. I could not find in shops. So I make one for myself using Microsoft Word. And I will print out as color paper and paste on my door, Haha!! Silly or crazy or what?

To Vico : I do have in mind that what I want to buy, but I like to walk around first to check all the shops. Then I buy what I want most. I collect all the stickers as long as they are cartoon and cute. Those Japanese girls' handphone keystraps are just crazily a lot. Haha, I want to try that.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I had MAJOR SHOPPING on this Saturday and Sunday. I was dead tired, my feet are killing me (I wore slipper for shopping days though). Thanks Kathy for accompanying me for shopping. Today, I finally bought the phone I wanted in CENTURY, lol. It is LG KF350 ice cream phone. Isn't it uber cute and sound yummy? Haha, to match it, I hang ice cream hand phone key chain to my phone (I gonna hang more and more of hand phone keystraps, key chains. I gonna decorate my phone with lota lota stickers or bling bling rhinstones). Now I got baby pink camera Canon E1 and LG KF350 baby pink. I'm into PINK mood, woohoo!! At first I was thinking which one to get among LG KS360 (no pink in shops, only black), Samsung F700 (my old phone, ebay seller never respond me). Secondary thought, LG Viewty Pink, Samsung F480 pink, but those phones, it is like everyone is using it. Look like I become in LG and Samsung's fan. Getting over with Sony Ericsson (bye bye, love!). Don't talk about Nokia, they can't come out as nice design. All they do is they copy other brands' designs (that what I feel though)

Playing music, there has some light. It is so cute

When I close the phone, there has this cute emotion icons (it can be customized with own design as well, I just did 'SZA', my brother made for me 'OMG..')

Ah, I bought a few dresses and jacket as well. Is it lucky or what that I'm fat? Because, not 10/10 dresses can fit me, only a few dresses can fit me. If I'm slim enough, I don't know I gonna get all the dresses I like and it could be like 50 or something. I want to get all if they are cheap (call me cheapo). Rather than buying one piece of expensive stuffs, I prefer to get 10 pieces of cheap dress I like (maybe, I will buy a few of expensive only, I don't mean branded stuffs though). Now dress at Bugis Village is so cheap and it is about S$10 or S$20 only. And if I think they are nice, I want to get them, but they don't have my size.

I have a lot of photo and stuffs. But I can't update much though. After coming back from shopping and back home like 10PM plus. Then my bed is super mess with a lot of things cover on. So tiring to clean up. I can't pack any things yet. I will pack on like Friday night (maybe, I won't sleep, my flight is on 7.55AM morning). I gonna leave from home like 5.30AM. I have to pack whole night.

P.S. Shopping is total fun. 4 digits of cash is gone. Swiping credit cards are fun, horror is paying back time. Sigh~~~ Sometimes, I feel a little bit of guilty for pampering myself and loving myself because most of the things are for me.

To Vico : Hell yeah, those stickers are my love. I have collected them about 10 years and now still collecting. It is full of drawer now. I'm showing off my love, Haha. I know my place is messy with lota wires. I need like power station or what? I have a lot of stuffs to plug, laptops, handphone, speakers, etc.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

This movie is so much fun. Can't stop laughing till the end. Thanks Nuffnang for great events and great movies. 9 stars out of 10. One of the best movies I ever watch. It is just cute, funny and romantic. Actor and actress are not oh-so-pretty-handsome-type. But later, they grow on me and I become to like them. Movie will be in theatre officially on 11 Dec.

I'm going back to Yangon on Next Sat. And I can't attend Nuffnang Christmas Party. But I will have fun in Yangon, Woohoo!!!

After getting Canon E1, I will have more chances to take photos and post on my blog. Cool, right?

Now big confuse to get which phone, Samsung F700 (my same old phone) or LG KS360 or Samsung F480 or LG KU990 Viewty? For the phone I want pink color.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

I went to watch Last For One show as third times at Square 2 (compare to Sherlene, I know three times is just peanut =D)

I shot some photos and videos (more videos, that Samsung camera isn't good. Most of the pictures are blur)

Stone (under-shirt red), Taiyo (wearing cap)

Popping Q. Pop Pop

More videos coming up. I'm uploading on youtube. The video files are quite big even though some are like a few seconds.

My playlist feeling for love, yearning, broken-heart, etc. (Random order only)
P.S. Most of the songs I feel love, I just found love in the song although I have no one to love seriously to anyone yet (except celebrity crush *wink*)

I Am All About You - Aaron carter
Title says all. And I am feeling I dedicate to the person I love.

Crush - David Archuleta
Crush or love? I had/have/will have a lot of crushes and some disappears immediately from my mind. Will dedicate to my crush/es.

The Last Goodbye - Atomic Kitten
Title is saddening. Will dedicate to my previous loves.

Have You Ever - S club 7
I feel title and lyric say all about me.

You Took My Heart Away - Michael Learn To Rock
Who took my heart away? But listening to this song, it took my heart away (I thank to HM for her fave-love-songs cum my bed-time-sleepy-songs. I think I know this song because of her)

Love You So - Natalie
This song is just cute and I feel small love girl love in the song.

You're Still The One - Shania Twain
You're still the one. Yes, but not worth it. I wish I have someone like "You're still the one"

Walk Away - Paula DeAnda
I feel it this matches for my love and life.

First love - Utada Hikaru
I totally feel in love with this song.

Koko Ni Iru Yo (I'm Right Here) - SoulJa Feat Thelma Aoya
This song is just so so goooooood that make me fall in love every time I listen. I feel love bond between them.

Soba Ni Iru Ne (I'll Be By Your Side) - Thelma Aoya Feat Soulja
This song is just so so goooooood that make me fall in love every time I listen. I feel love bond between them. I prefer SoulJa version (which is above song)

Mama - Spice Girls
Dedicate to my Mom. Mama, I love you (I gonna see you in 14 days, yayyyy!! Finally, I can eat my mom's cooking soon)


I'm not a type of that I can show my love to my loved ones including friends, family, etc. But I truely love them though. *ahem*

If you like teeny weeny romance movie, now here it come, "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist". Reading synopsis from website, this movie is look like boyfriend, girlfriend, break-up, friends, those kinda stuff.
Oh, the actor is the one from "Juno", Juno's boyfriend a.k.a the one who make Juno becomes pregnant =D
To know more about "Nick & Norah" movie, visit here,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I bought two new shoes. Blue ballet flat is from mondo, another white one is from Tang. I like shoes, heels, flats from mondo.

I want green and purple ballet flat. Love this two from American Eagle.The other days at orchard, I took some pictures. Orchard looks sweet and cute because of all those Christmas decoration sweet, candy cane, cupcakes and stuffs.

I was sobbing over MOS closing down. But now new MOS (Zirca) is coming really soon, so cry not. But this opening on Thursday, I can't go. My exam is frigging near. Go to and get invite for yourself and two of your friends on opening this Thursday.

picture courtesy taken from Nang

Ah, I always have communication-nerve-breakdown. Nuffnang called me and talked about Blood Donation Drive. I thought it is from Starhub and talking about Blackberry (I was expecting for that call regarding my work related). After phone call, I was like how come Starhub talking me about this blood donation thingy. I checked out phone number and found out that number is from Nuffnang. Clumsy me!

It happened to me few years back as well. One of my Korean friend called me from Korea. I just slept like 5AM or something. He called me around 7AM. So I was half-asleep while I was talking on phone. Even though he talked to me nicely, I thought it was someone else and talking to me so rudely. So I hanged up the call suddenly. I found out that guy called me later (accidentally, I recorded the convo in my phone, I didn't know why and how). He is kinda cute guy and I was ga-ga over him a bit that time. I was so embrassing about I hanged up the call. So I called him back and apologized. In the phone convo, he asked me was I sleeping? I lied and said No. Haha. I used to tell people I'm not sleeping when they asked m I sleeping? I don't want them to feel burden that they distrub my sleep. Or just my pure lie?

Um, I forgot to mention that LFO (Last For One) is in town. Woohoo, wakawaka!! I went to watch them on Saturday at Novena. It is at Square 2 shopping mall. I tried to find that place like one whole round. Geez. Actually, it is just outside of MRT after coming out from control station and turn left. That day, I didn't see Zero Nine. He isn't in SG or he isn't in that show? I never knew. I saw some new guys in LFO and a few senior guys only. I saw Bboy Taiyo, BBoy Stone, Popping Q and other new guys I'm not gonna mention (I'm saying new guys because I never see them in last show at esplande and those booty competition.) This is free show at Novena. 21NOV to 7DEC. so must check out if you are fan of Last For One and breakdancing. LFO is simply AWESOME. I love love them. I'm just a bit sad that Zero Nine isn't there :( If he is there, he can make crowded wilder. On that Saturday, I heard fan girls screaming like crazily as well. I'm glad they have a lot of fans in Singapore. As for me, I just love their breakdancing more than LFO guys itself. Well, Zero Nine is expectation :D

P.S. One show is about 20 mins only. Show times are as in poster.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm such a horror movie fan. I watch a lot of Korean, Japanese, Thai horror movie. So remake, can't cheat me. I ain't remake fan. I never watch those Hollywood remake of The Eye, The Ring, blah blah blah.

I watched "Kyo Aw Than" a few days ago. Before I watched, I didn't know the movie plot. So I didn't expect to be Korean horror movie remake (cruelly said, copy?). After looking at movie poster, I had thought that is it Korean movie copy? Then I watched and it is like 1000% copy. I have high expectation for these days new and young director from Myanmar to be creative and unique. I don't want to watch copy/remake version movie. I am disappointed. I expected Director Ko Pauk to make fresh and unique video. Well, because of the try, camera angle, background song, lighting, etc, I will give 1 star out of 5.

Call me whatever, yes, I still do watch Myanmar movies (actually, I do listen. I play game or do whatever while Myanmar movie is showing on lappie)

Friday, November 14, 2008

I am thinking to get haircut before I go back Yangon. I am not sure yet though. The hairstyles I like best are pictures from tops. I don't know which one I shoudl get though.

And I want Canon powershot e1. They are as cute as candy. I want pink. I am thinking to get one.

And I need new handphone (I lost my handphone a month ago, so yeah). I want LG KS360. Not much functions and stuffs though. But they are cute. Kawaii!! I want pink again. It is only 2 Mega pixels camera phone. No touch screen (except dialing touch screen). But it is QWERTY slider. So I want it. I know Sony Ericsson X1 is coming out. But it isn't cute plus I can't afford for like S$1000 above without contract (I know I know).

Or should I get Samsung F480 (pink or Olympic Edition Gold)? But it is pure touch screen. So will messaging be annoying? I don't know.


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