Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I bought two new shoes. Blue ballet flat is from mondo, another white one is from Tang. I like shoes, heels, flats from mondo.

I want green and purple ballet flat. Love this two from American Eagle.The other days at orchard, I took some pictures. Orchard looks sweet and cute because of all those Christmas decoration sweet, candy cane, cupcakes and stuffs.

I was sobbing over MOS closing down. But now new MOS (Zirca) is coming really soon, so cry not. But this opening on Thursday, I can't go. My exam is frigging near. Go to http://www.zirca.sg/ and get invite for yourself and two of your friends on opening this Thursday.

picture courtesy taken from Nang

Ah, I always have communication-nerve-breakdown. Nuffnang called me and talked about Blood Donation Drive. I thought it is from Starhub and talking about Blackberry (I was expecting for that call regarding my work related). After phone call, I was like how come Starhub talking me about this blood donation thingy. I checked out phone number and found out that number is from Nuffnang. Clumsy me!

It happened to me few years back as well. One of my Korean friend called me from Korea. I just slept like 5AM or something. He called me around 7AM. So I was half-asleep while I was talking on phone. Even though he talked to me nicely, I thought it was someone else and talking to me so rudely. So I hanged up the call suddenly. I found out that guy called me later (accidentally, I recorded the convo in my phone, I didn't know why and how). He is kinda cute guy and I was ga-ga over him a bit that time. I was so embrassing about I hanged up the call. So I called him back and apologized. In the phone convo, he asked me was I sleeping? I lied and said No. Haha. I used to tell people I'm not sleeping when they asked m I sleeping? I don't want them to feel burden that they distrub my sleep. Or just my pure lie?

Um, I forgot to mention that LFO (Last For One) is in town. Woohoo, wakawaka!! I went to watch them on Saturday at Novena. It is at Square 2 shopping mall. I tried to find that place like one whole round. Geez. Actually, it is just outside of MRT after coming out from control station and turn left. That day, I didn't see Zero Nine. He isn't in SG or he isn't in that show? I never knew. I saw some new guys in LFO and a few senior guys only. I saw Bboy Taiyo, BBoy Stone, Popping Q and other new guys I'm not gonna mention (I'm saying new guys because I never see them in last show at esplande and those booty competition.) This is free show at Novena. 21NOV to 7DEC. so must check out if you are fan of Last For One and breakdancing. LFO is simply AWESOME. I love love them. I'm just a bit sad that Zero Nine isn't there :( If he is there, he can make crowded wilder. On that Saturday, I heard fan girls screaming like crazily as well. I'm glad they have a lot of fans in Singapore. As for me, I just love their breakdancing more than LFO guys itself. Well, Zero Nine is expectation :D

P.S. One show is about 20 mins only. Show times are as in poster.


  1. Vico said...
    You really like those "flat" type shoes, I take it you don't like high heels?
    SZA said...
    no..i like high heel as well..they r sexy..haha..but it is not like daily wear.u know..like some events and stuffs..i wil b better..
    so i only hav one high heel..first time i was wearing..my feet were killin me.i thought i gona die..i swore i won't even wear again..but i did..haha..2nd time, wearing..i felt much better and i like it more and more
    madyjune said...
    I was wondering why my sis was suddenly obsessed with ballet slippers. She wanted to buy one at Sein Gay Har but it didn't fit her.

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