Monday, November 10, 2008

Usually, I chat with my cousin at Gtalk. He is just like 9 years old. But he is pretty smart. He started to use computer and play games using computer since he was like 5 years old (I guess). So he sent me a few of his photo. He becomes so big now (our relative trend, haha, he looks like my cousin Sithu and Myat Thu Hein).

Oak Soe Khant & Su Yi

Yayy.. I just bought air ticket to go back YGN. It will be from 13 Dec to 4 Jan. Before I go back, I need some shopping Marathon as well. I want purple ballet flat, green ballet flat. It might seem like I have a lot of shoes and bags. But I still want more and I feel it is still not enough yet =p

Well, I just bought Vichy skincare travel kit. I want to try out how is that before I buy the big size. I wish other brands have this kinda travel kit (like tester, starter kit). I am thinking what to buy after going to finish up Clinique very soon. Thinking over Shieido or Lancome. Red told me to try out Vichy. The smell is so great.

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  1. royal said...
    Hahaha it does look like him!!


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