Friday, August 31, 2007

Ok, this might be not so new up-to-date-post and about 1 mile long post which might make you dizzy or un-interested. But I feel like I have debt to post about something.

Last Saturday, I went out start from morning. Actually, I had plan to meet them at 11AM. But some of them woke up a bit early, Especially, Kaung Myat and Ye Lay. They woke up like 8AM? And Kaung Myat called me. I already finished showering and making my hair to be dry. So I went out immediately once I got a call and I asked them to wait me at Orchard. When I reach Orchard, Kaung Myat, Ye Lay, J Me, Yatha were waiting. We had breakfast at Food Republic. The darn stupid Prata stall gave me two Pratas although I ordered only one Prata. I couldn't finish it and asked Kaung Myat to share some. He had some, but he was quite full because he had breakfast buffet at the hotel.

After breakfast, J Me wanted to go HMV (this is not HIV, this is HMV, His Master Voice, lol) and we walked to HMV @ The Hereen. They bought some Hip Hop Magazines like Source, XXL, Vibe. We hanged out at there for a while. I brought them to 77th street. Yatha was so happy to see the bling bling he likes. He bought handcuff bling bling necklace chain. He was happy like a kid and he wore it immediately after he bought. I bet it is heavy. I was teasing him that "can you straighten up your head?". Because he already wore microphone bling bling necklace chain.

The later comers Sai Sai, Yan Chan, Zeya Thaw called and joined us later. We all went to Food republic as second time and some had lunch at there. After lunch, we went to Queensway Shopping Center. We had like 8 person to go there. So we took two taxi. Me, J Me, Ye Lay, Yatha were in one taxi. Sai Sai and the rest took one taxi. Zeya Thaw and YC, they stayed at Orchard. They were making jokes and things. It was so funny and good to hang out with them. I can't stop laughing. Gosh, I miss last Saturday.

At queensway, as usually, we went to the shop at level 1 and level 3. J Me bought shoe at level 1 shop, he was asking me for advice which one to buy it. Before I wasn't spoken out my mind yet, Ye Lay interrupted him that which one J Me already had and blah blah. Ye Lay bought jersey at the shop. I asked the guy from shop to give us discounts. Since I have been there a lot of times, bought stuffs for my friends and always brought my friends to buy at there, He knew me pretty well and I got a few buck as discount like 5 to 10 dollars.

We moved to another shop at level 3. Sai Sai and others were already there. Yatha likes microphone sign. He already had two bling bling necklace chain as microphone. I saw one of the New Era cap design is with microphone. I showed him, he was happy and he bought it. Then Sai Sai bought cap and other stuffs as well. After that, J Me needed to go back Peninsula Plaza because there had autograph sign session (the darn wasting time one). So the people who came together including me, went back together again.

To make it short, after autograph session, we all went shopping again in separate way. And some went back to Hotel. Ye Lay wanted to buy something and we went to Bugis. He bought some stuffs at there. After that he wanted to watch movie. The so-called Horror Movie "Skinwalkers". We haven't had dinner yet. I called and asked others whether they want to join movie or not. They wanted to have dinner first. So only me and Ye Lay went to watch movie.

The story for post title came here now. We watched movie at Shaw House Lido. There has some fast food stalls and we can bring food from those food stalls into movie theater. Cool, huh? Me the 24/7 spaghetti lover, I had spaghetti at Pastamania, and Ye Lay would like to try it too. We bought movie tickets Lido and we could have like set meal for our chicken bolognese spaghetti even though we paid for like chicken bolognese only and we got free drink and soup. As a result of no place to sit at there, we ended up sitting in the theater and eating spaghetti. Lol, and it is quite troublesome because can you imagine that there has hot spaghetti box, drink (forget about it, there has place to put drink cup), soup and piles of shopping bags plus the in-between rows are darn small and squeezy.

In the end, the "skinwalkers" movie is suck. I called other and asked where they were about. They were at Coffee Bean just across the road from Lido. I stayed there a while like 5 minutes, and couldn't stand to stay anymore (there has a reason, but I won't post here). I told them I wanted to go back home. They said they are going back Hotel soon too and asked me to stay like 5 more minutes. Then we separated the way and went back home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sai Sai and Ye` Lay @ MOS
Ye` Lay said "new kids on the block"

Self-Caming by Sai Sai.
I didn't look good and my hair is messed up, I know.
I went to meet them straight after my work.

Sai Sai took the photo for us

Me & Jay

Me & YC

Ko Zeya Thaw & Me
(how come we have like same pose, lol)

Jay on the stage

With group of babes, Sandi was about to go up to stage to sing.

Sai Sai & John
Sai Sai the Mr.Ecko. He likes Ecko.
John, Me & Kaung Myat on Orchard Road

Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogger is kinda busy with a lot of stuff. The mega update or something might come later. I'm going to be busy until Sunday. More pictures are coming soon.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Title says it all, right?
Here is those were the day Part 1

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last week Wednesday, I went to Kovan to buy dongle converter for office. I was asked to go the shopping centre at Kovan. I have never been there. Kovan is located at Purple MRT line in Singapore. That why, I rarely go there.

Kovan Melody Condominium

At there, I can't find the thing I need to buy at Heartland Shopping Center. So yeah, I called office that I can't find at Kovan. Then they asked to go Sim Lim Square to get it. I went to Sim Lim Square. Finally, I got that dongle converter. On the way back to office, I went shopping at Bugis Village for a few mins and I got myself a shoe. It is pretty nice and reasonable price. I will take picture next time. I really need to buy new shoe. I don't have any shoe to wear

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My obsession for sticker is unstoppable.

This is the whole bunch of stickers I have

Simpsons family


Hello Kitty



The way I use my stickers such as decorate hand phone or ruler or etc

My pooh pencil bag

Sunday, August 19, 2007

We knew each other for quite long time already. Those were the days like the title.
We met and went around City Hall, Boat Quay, Esplande while Ma SNP was in Singapore. Actually there still have more pictures in Ma Ye Wint's camera. Nicer one. But she didn't send me yet. Garrr!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Yay, today is Friday, and I was quite busy at office. In the morning, I had like nothing to do and I was surfing net around 2 hours. Then the printer service guy came to office and repair the card printer. I was at there and helping him some stuffs. Afternoon, I helped one of director's email thing, because he can't receive email. After that I started to print out employment pass card. Then, the CEO from my company Mr.Eddie's PC is something wrong. I checked the hardware. It is power supply fault. At 3pm, there had meeting with software vendor. I had to attend it with some managers and directors. Geez, I always have to attend all the meeting dealing with IT things and stuffs, even though there has like 1% of IT thing only. Meeting finished around 4 pm plus, and I rushed out to print all the employment pass card for Changi Airport Terminal 3. This evening, I came out from office a bit late.

When, I just got home, I checked the mail box and I got the package from CitiBank. Guess what, I just got the Citi Clear Credit Card. It is black and dazzling nice. And I got bunches of vouchers in the envelope as well. OMGG, I'm so happy. The vouchers are :

- two complimentary passes from St.James Power Station's Power House

- Present Citi Clear Card, enjoy free and priority entry into ZOUK, Velvet Underground, Phuture on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

- Flash N Splash S$6 off

- EpiCentre 10% off any iPod nano and iPod 30GB & Receive a complimentary EpiCentre membership card

- Flesh Imp voucher to receive a VIP pack worth S$150 with every S$100 spent

- The Heeren Shops receive a complimentary Privilege Card

- Sony Ericsson S$20 off, S$60 off & S$110, PSP special price of S$25 with every purchase of PSP and 1 game

- Receive exclusive gifts with every purchase of Sony Walkman

- Chan Brothers Travel, Pay 2 nights and get 3rd night free at Deevana Patong Resort & Spa, Phuket at S$65 per room per night

- POPULAR bookstore membership card 1 for 1 free when you sign up

- CALIFORNIA Fitness, enjoy a complimentary 14 Days Trial membership

OMGGG, I love first two things, but free entry is limited to 1st 350 card members or before 12 midnight. Actually, I don't really like go to Zouk. Why MOS isn't in the list, garrr~~

My previous CapitaCard Debit Card in purple & Citi Clear Credit Card in black. MasterCard & Visa. Yayy!

Citi Clear Card & The Vouchers

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ma SNP went back YGN yesterday. I sent her back to airport and had breakfast at airport. Lastly, we didn't forget to take pictures. Sending my friends or relatives to airport, make me sad. Although, I can't stand her sometimes. But I still feel sad when she is really leaving.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Pig Family, they look cute, right?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Me & Ma SNP

After the dinner at Raffle City Food Court, we were so bored while other were discussing about something. Then, we started taking some pictures and time flew so fast.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

8.8.07 (Thursday)

My brother picked up Ma SNP from airport and back to home. I met her when I reached home from my office. We didn't meet like a year. She is kinda like one of my good friend. We talked a lot about all the things and stuffs. Then she was hungry and wanted to eat something. We went to the food court in front of my house. After that, we went to Causeway Point Shopping Centre to see around. She called her friend to meet. When he asked us to meet us near car park or passenger pick up point, I was confused, I didn't expect he came back from work and brought the car from company. So yeah, this two doors car (not sporty two doors car, lol) has only two seats. Ma SNP sat on one seat and her friend drove the car. Me the piggy ended up in the back of car. Haha!

The car just rolled on the road, we didn't know where to go. Then, Ma SNP's friend asked how about going to City Hall. So we took long trip to City Hall from my house (my house is pretty far from city and quite close to Malaysia, rofl). We ate at KFC, I had lasagna set meal. (I love KFC at Funan IT Mall, because they have Pizza Hut and Toco Bell). I haven't had Lasagna like age. My last asagna was at DelayFrance, (excuse me! I mean Delifrance at Paragon).
FYI, I'm too garfield and have garfield's habits. Garfield loves lasagna, Garfield is fat, Garfield is lazy, Garfield hates Monday. Me too Me too.

Pig in the car

She wanted to take picture. But scolding her friend. Because he always switched off the light whenever she switched on the light in the car. (He didn't want to pay some FINE.)

Finally, nice picture comes.


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