Saturday, August 11, 2007

8.8.07 (Thursday)

My brother picked up Ma SNP from airport and back to home. I met her when I reached home from my office. We didn't meet like a year. She is kinda like one of my good friend. We talked a lot about all the things and stuffs. Then she was hungry and wanted to eat something. We went to the food court in front of my house. After that, we went to Causeway Point Shopping Centre to see around. She called her friend to meet. When he asked us to meet us near car park or passenger pick up point, I was confused, I didn't expect he came back from work and brought the car from company. So yeah, this two doors car (not sporty two doors car, lol) has only two seats. Ma SNP sat on one seat and her friend drove the car. Me the piggy ended up in the back of car. Haha!

The car just rolled on the road, we didn't know where to go. Then, Ma SNP's friend asked how about going to City Hall. So we took long trip to City Hall from my house (my house is pretty far from city and quite close to Malaysia, rofl). We ate at KFC, I had lasagna set meal. (I love KFC at Funan IT Mall, because they have Pizza Hut and Toco Bell). I haven't had Lasagna like age. My last asagna was at DelayFrance, (excuse me! I mean Delifrance at Paragon).
FYI, I'm too garfield and have garfield's habits. Garfield loves lasagna, Garfield is fat, Garfield is lazy, Garfield hates Monday. Me too Me too.

Pig in the car

She wanted to take picture. But scolding her friend. Because he always switched off the light whenever she switched on the light in the car. (He didn't want to pay some FINE.)

Finally, nice picture comes.


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