Friday, August 31, 2007

Ok, this might be not so new up-to-date-post and about 1 mile long post which might make you dizzy or un-interested. But I feel like I have debt to post about something.

Last Saturday, I went out start from morning. Actually, I had plan to meet them at 11AM. But some of them woke up a bit early, Especially, Kaung Myat and Ye Lay. They woke up like 8AM? And Kaung Myat called me. I already finished showering and making my hair to be dry. So I went out immediately once I got a call and I asked them to wait me at Orchard. When I reach Orchard, Kaung Myat, Ye Lay, J Me, Yatha were waiting. We had breakfast at Food Republic. The darn stupid Prata stall gave me two Pratas although I ordered only one Prata. I couldn't finish it and asked Kaung Myat to share some. He had some, but he was quite full because he had breakfast buffet at the hotel.

After breakfast, J Me wanted to go HMV (this is not HIV, this is HMV, His Master Voice, lol) and we walked to HMV @ The Hereen. They bought some Hip Hop Magazines like Source, XXL, Vibe. We hanged out at there for a while. I brought them to 77th street. Yatha was so happy to see the bling bling he likes. He bought handcuff bling bling necklace chain. He was happy like a kid and he wore it immediately after he bought. I bet it is heavy. I was teasing him that "can you straighten up your head?". Because he already wore microphone bling bling necklace chain.

The later comers Sai Sai, Yan Chan, Zeya Thaw called and joined us later. We all went to Food republic as second time and some had lunch at there. After lunch, we went to Queensway Shopping Center. We had like 8 person to go there. So we took two taxi. Me, J Me, Ye Lay, Yatha were in one taxi. Sai Sai and the rest took one taxi. Zeya Thaw and YC, they stayed at Orchard. They were making jokes and things. It was so funny and good to hang out with them. I can't stop laughing. Gosh, I miss last Saturday.

At queensway, as usually, we went to the shop at level 1 and level 3. J Me bought shoe at level 1 shop, he was asking me for advice which one to buy it. Before I wasn't spoken out my mind yet, Ye Lay interrupted him that which one J Me already had and blah blah. Ye Lay bought jersey at the shop. I asked the guy from shop to give us discounts. Since I have been there a lot of times, bought stuffs for my friends and always brought my friends to buy at there, He knew me pretty well and I got a few buck as discount like 5 to 10 dollars.

We moved to another shop at level 3. Sai Sai and others were already there. Yatha likes microphone sign. He already had two bling bling necklace chain as microphone. I saw one of the New Era cap design is with microphone. I showed him, he was happy and he bought it. Then Sai Sai bought cap and other stuffs as well. After that, J Me needed to go back Peninsula Plaza because there had autograph sign session (the darn wasting time one). So the people who came together including me, went back together again.

To make it short, after autograph session, we all went shopping again in separate way. And some went back to Hotel. Ye Lay wanted to buy something and we went to Bugis. He bought some stuffs at there. After that he wanted to watch movie. The so-called Horror Movie "Skinwalkers". We haven't had dinner yet. I called and asked others whether they want to join movie or not. They wanted to have dinner first. So only me and Ye Lay went to watch movie.

The story for post title came here now. We watched movie at Shaw House Lido. There has some fast food stalls and we can bring food from those food stalls into movie theater. Cool, huh? Me the 24/7 spaghetti lover, I had spaghetti at Pastamania, and Ye Lay would like to try it too. We bought movie tickets Lido and we could have like set meal for our chicken bolognese spaghetti even though we paid for like chicken bolognese only and we got free drink and soup. As a result of no place to sit at there, we ended up sitting in the theater and eating spaghetti. Lol, and it is quite troublesome because can you imagine that there has hot spaghetti box, drink (forget about it, there has place to put drink cup), soup and piles of shopping bags plus the in-between rows are darn small and squeezy.

In the end, the "skinwalkers" movie is suck. I called other and asked where they were about. They were at Coffee Bean just across the road from Lido. I stayed there a while like 5 minutes, and couldn't stand to stay anymore (there has a reason, but I won't post here). I told them I wanted to go back home. They said they are going back Hotel soon too and asked me to stay like 5 more minutes. Then we separated the way and went back home.


  1. *dAwN said...
    I would like to watch a movie with Ye Lay too... (I'll probably feed him popcorn :P j/k) He's really cool, isn't he? ^_^
    madyjune said...
    Yes, I guessed it right ha ha. If I were you guys, I wouldn't have thought of eating spaghetti at a theater if I were to watch a scary movie (even if it's sucks). I don't eat anything when I watch scary movies 'cuz I didn't want to lose my appetite.

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