Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sai Sai and Ye` Lay @ MOS
Ye` Lay said "new kids on the block"

Self-Caming by Sai Sai.
I didn't look good and my hair is messed up, I know.
I went to meet them straight after my work.

Sai Sai took the photo for us

Me & Jay

Me & YC

Ko Zeya Thaw & Me
(how come we have like same pose, lol)

Jay on the stage

With group of babes, Sandi was about to go up to stage to sing.

Sai Sai & John
Sai Sai the Mr.Ecko. He likes Ecko.
John, Me & Kaung Myat on Orchard Road


  1. mayvelous said...
    Wow photos with hotties. I envy you gal. :)
    *dAwN said...
    Wow.. when I look at the girls photo, all I saw were legs! :P

    How come you stood apart from other singers, but not Ye Lay? ^_*
    madyjune said...
    Gosh, that haircut of Ye' Lay is so ugly. I hope he grows them back pretty soon. So happy to see the pictures of my fav celebs. Btw, who's John?
    Noble said...
    jme ko, small pic tone ka ma thi buu, thu kyi ya dar so funny, u kyaung kyaung yote kalay, hiphop rap ka dot mite tal, i am his fan anyway.

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