Saturday, June 30, 2007

Name: Lee Sang Woo
Birthday: 1980 February 13
Size: Height-185cm, Weight 81kg
Family: Eldest of 2 boys
Blood type: O
Education: Dae Won High, Goryo Uni- Life/Food Engineering
Dramas: 18:29 (2005), Was in 2 episodes of "Old Miss Diaries", In an one-off drama "Nobody Loves me"
CF: Cass Beer, Litmus clothing
Hobbies: Fishing
Talents: Tennis, racquetball, arm wrestling
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Gosh, he is like so sexy and good looking in my eyes. I'm not sure other might think he is just simple and normal looking guy. He is so freaking tall (look at his height, 1.85m) and his body is fitted.

After I had a dream with him few days ago, he is like a drug to me and I'm so addicted to this drug. In that dream, we were about to fall in love or something, but I had to wake up because my dad sent message to my mobile. I had to get up to meet him online. Aw, I forgot to tell, I was fall asleep quite early, so yeah, my dad came online like midnight of Singapore Time.

Guess what? Heiman gonna tell me "stop writing about those actors". Haha! Thank for reading my blog like daily. But I only have them to love.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Me and my brother wanted to get some fresh air one of the late night. We went to throw rubbish bag at rubbish bin near the lift and went to playground.

My brother was ready to slide

I was holding the bar tightly. See my legs didn't touch ground. My brother said it's looked like "H". As result of playing, ouch, my hands were both red.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally, I can watch this HanaKimi as JDrama. I watched this as TDrama (Taiwan Drama) before. It was pretty suck. I felt that most of TDramas are kinda forced, annoying and act cute (sorry if you are TDramas' fan, I just can't stand it). Why I watched HanaKimi in TDrama is I thought story line is kinda interesting since the girl pretended to be boy and entered to all boys school because of her crush is in that school.

This HanaKimi as JDrama gonna be bless with a lot of hot guys with major drooling. *Nose Bleed & Faint*. This drama gonna be air start from 3 July. *Counting day*

This drama is about school and classroom, so what can we expect there has over 30 guys in that classroom. See the poster for yourself. Behind front row and center one is a girl (the actress). She looks like pretty boy in there. I saw some of guys who look like tomboyish or like kinda girlish in real life too.

The school doctor and Maki (the actress who pretends to be boy)

Maki and Toma (the second actor)

Watch some preview for this drama on YouTube

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Listen this song. Sai Sai Kham Leng sang this in english and remixed it with "1st Lady - Never be replaced" song.

hamster never be r...

There has story about this song. Two days ago, I met Sai Sai online, we had a little convo and I told him about this song. But I cut the part about he told me this story, because it is his privacy. I heard that there might has show in Singapore end of July or something. He said it's all Hip Hop. Yay, please make it happen, make it happen. If it is happened, I don't know who else coming too. I want my crews back like last year show in July, Sai Sai, Kaung Myat Lay, Ye Lay, Nanda Sai. We had so much fun last year. I miss Ye Lay.

saisai: ha ha ha
ha ha ha
me: got new love?
saisai: bar mar ma lae
thiri will come there
in 3 days
need something
me:'s ok par
thnx anyway
saisai: ok pee yaw
why u ask me that awkard question
me: cuz of that song and some of those status from ur gtalks past few days
saisai: he he he
me: nvrm..if it is awkward question
saisai: ....
me: i see
saisai: miss u
u know we arrange to make a show there
its all hiphop
me: is it
saisai: its not sure yet
me: aw
saisai: i n last july
but ma thay char boo
me: who are the organizer
saisai: i dun know
me: i see
i wish to b happen
saisai: let go movie
me: ya..sure
and clubbbbinnn
there has new hot club :D
saisai: i miss last year that we go together
me: st.james
ya.i miss last year time too

Monday, June 25, 2007

***** The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince - Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Yoo

***** Time Between Dog and Wolf (air time - 2007, Jul, 11) - Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Jung Kyung Ho (omoo, I love Lee Jun Ki. I miss watching his drama or movie)

**** Gourmet (air time - 2007 Nov) - Kim Rae Won, Seo Ji Hye (i wanna see Kim Rae Won in new drama..and it is another hot chef drama.Huh)

**** Goong 2 (air time 2008 Jan) - Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon (Although I don't really like Goong 1, I wanna see Yoon Eun Hye and how Goong 2 gonna be)

*** Timeless (air time - 2008) - Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Ki Bum, LeeYeonHee (I wanna watch Moon Geun Young in drama)

***** The City of God (air time - 2007 Jul) - Song Seung Hun, Han Ga In (Yayyy. Song Seung Hun in new drama, finally)

*** Cain and Abel (air time - 2008, feb, 11) - So Ji Sup, Ji Jin Hee, Jung Ryu Won (I kinda like So Ji Sup, but I never watch his drama or movie before. I tried to watch his drama "what happened in bali". I don't like Ha Ji Won as two timing and I don't like watching Old Drama)

If I don't like main actress, I don't feel like wanting to watch that dramas.
Example -

9 End 2 Outs - Soo Ae, Lee Jung Jin (The actor is ok, but I don't like that actress, Soo Ae, she isn't pretty nor cute in my eyes)
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor - Kim Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na (That actress Bae Doo Na isn't pretty nor cute at all as well, plus the actor isn't that good looking also. Only the drama name looks kinda interesting)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Processing (Frying in hot oil)

TeeHee! Done.

My brother and friend like fried yam as much as I do. I was kidding to them that I should fry, sell it and make for my living. 5 for $1. lol. My friend said computer engineering graduated gonna sell this?

Friday, June 22, 2007

My two fave stars Takuya Kimura (left) & Lee Byung Hun (right)

This was for the movie called "Hero". It is actually remake from the Jdrama "Hero". What happened to LBH? He looks sorta ugly, it is because of his facial hair? TK is still dazzling hot. He looks so much younger than LBH although LBH is only 2 years older than TK. I really love TK's new commercial for "Gatsby". I can't stop running to TV when it is showing on TV. TK is so cute when he was dancing and looked like enjoying himself. Watch it below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I love this song "Lip gloss" by Lil' Ma Ma. It is so like upbeat-song-make-you-wanna-dance.
I like lip gloss not only as song, but also as cosmetic.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The new beauty phones from Sony Ericsson are coming out. Being a Sony Ericsson Phone's fan, I'm thinking to get my third phone to be Sony Ericsson again. Even though I don't know their function exactly, I simply know W series is for WalkMan, K series is for CyberShot, Z series is for flip phone. Huh~ Look at dazzling hot new model phones below.


8GB internal memory and 3.2 megapixels. Gosh, this is totally crazy and what more I can ask for a phone, plus the design is nice too. And you can control the music player of phone from ear piece.


5 megapixel phone. The first 5 megapixel for Sony Ericsson? The keypad has unique design. No joystick or no joystick keypad place? It's looked like it combined as you can see the square shape in green or blue.

3.2 megapixel walkman slide phone. This is just tight. Look at the color. The hearty red is hot.

Dilemma, Dilemma. This is totally dilemma for me to get which phones. Because, all three phones are nice and they attempt me with unique taste. If you like the cam-phone, 3.2 megapixel cam-phone is at least you should have for next generation. Now everyone has it like at least 2 megapixel cam-phone. Currently, I'm having 3.2 megapixel cam-phone and loving it. I'm thinking just to stick with 3.2 megapixel again or going up to 5 megapixel? Or change the design of phone from bar phone to slide phone (W910)?

I love Sony Ericsson. The only thing I hate about Sony Ericsson is their ear piece. Can't they make better ear piece for god's sake? I spoiled my Sony Ericsson ear pieces for three times within 1 and half years for two different phones. I'm not listening music from phone anymore. I'm not sure other Sony Ericsson-ers happen like me or not. Or maybe, I'm careless?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I like that two dresses. I like the first one better. Second one is cute with that boot.
The first dress price is $198. The second one is $158.

picture credit to :

P.S. Thank you, Ma Yee Mon and Mady for worrying me and console me. Sometimes, I'm just fed up, upset and too weak to face the tough situations.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I wonder how does it feel to cut my wrist and finish off my life, or jump off at MRT when the train comes. What is the best way to suicide?

There always has some conflicts between me and my brother. We are in opposite way. We can't understand each other sometimes.

Yes, I hate my life sometimes for some reasons. I don't know if people think I'm enjoying my life so much. I just pretending sometimes to forget all the sadness and depression.

Just now, I really had feeling to cut of my wrist. I don't want to wake up again. It must to be sure to finished it, what if I just lose some blood, hurt myself and I wake up again?

Pardon this post for too depression.

Sorry to everyone If I make you angry, suffer and everything, especially to my brother. I know you are good and you have been suffered, but you don't understand me at all yet ,and I don't understand you also.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last night, I had one of sweetest dream. The dream was about I was with someone whom I never expected to be with. I don't know him really directly. He might not know who I'm exactly as well. Somehow, I met him in my dream and we were like sorta dating in dream. He is somehow like most of the girls' dream prince. He might be a player and he is someone like prince charming from sorta Korean Dramas as well.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Me & My beloved Heiman, we knew each other since 1998

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I went to buy some garlic and onion at market. My friends were at McDonald (two continuous night, we sat at McDonald). I met at there and ate McDonald Kid Meal and I got Princess Fiona toy from Shrek. Later, my friends wanted to buy pain relieve spray. The guardian was closing soon and out of stock for that spray. We all went to Mustafa to buy that spray. I can't believe I was coming out from home to just buy garlic and onion, but i ended up to go Mustafa with them and I was wearing normal T-Shirt and short pant which looks like I stay at home. Thanks goddess, I was just going to Mustafa only.

Here is a little conversation among us.

Me : Next time, don't ask me to go St.James to go with this cloth, please. The bouncers will kick me out if I just go with this cloth.
Friends : why don't you buy something at Mustafa and later we can go to St.James
Me : Okie, I should wear Sari and go to that club

I was just joking. lol.

Note : St.James is night club in Singapore, in case if you don't have idea what is that.

Princess Fiona Toy

Rangoon Road, wish I could go back to Yangon. Sigh~~

Saturday, June 9, 2007

LG Prada is simply dazzling hot. Don't you agree?
I want this, I want this. I'm so ga-ga over this phone.

• Capacitive Touch Screen
• Music Player (MP3, ACC, ACC+, WMA, RA)
• Music Multitasking (Messaging)
• Video Player (MPEG4, H.263, H.264)
• Macromedia Flash UI
• Document Viewer (ppt, doc, xls, pdf, txt )

• EDGE Tri-Band (900/1800/1900)
• 98.8 × 54 × 12 mm
• 2M CMOS Camera / LED Flash
• External Memory Slot (Micro SD)
• Innerpack Battery 800mAh
• Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, USB Mass storage

Friday, June 8, 2007

1. Naung Phyit Mha Naung Shin - J Me
2. A Chit Thin Baw - J Me
3. Koe A Kyaung Ko Thi - J Me
4. Pyin Pwal - J Me
5. 100% - J Me (English Version)
6. Ma Nee Sat Chin - Ye Lay
7. Bae Mhar Lae - Ye Lay
8. Hip Hop Ko Kyite Tae So - Ye Lay
9. Lote Lay - Ye Lay

Click here to get the album (Credit to Ma May & MadyJune from NativeMyanmar forum)

This album was just out on Sunday 3/6/07. J Me's songs are as usual and his flow. Some of Ye Lay's songs are with a lot of sweeten love words as usual too, I expect more Hip Hop in his songs.

And I was thinking like "What? This is Ye Lay & J Me album, I expected at least duet song of them as J Me rapping and Ye Lay featuring". Now this is like half single album for each of them.

P.S. If you really like the album and artists, please support the artists by buying original album although you have mp3 in your computer or whatever. Because, I always buy original of the album I really like, although I already have them in computer.
I updated this entry with new upload link. The reason is the previous file on mediafire got deleted.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cyclone's MTV "Lu Nge Ta Bar Wa" from Pay Own Naw album. It is unreleased. Because "Pay Own Naw" MTV VCD will never come out. I don't know why. I have another unreleased MTV by On Track from that album also.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What for dinner tonight? I made spaghetti. I bought instant spaghetti tomato sauce and spaghetti noddle at market. It was easy to make spaghetti using that sauce. The flavor is just nice and okay. I gonna have it like a lot. Breakfast -> Spaghetti, Lunch -> Spaghetti, Dinner -> Spaghetti, Supper -> Spaghetti. lol. Next time, I should do lasagna. I love lasagna too. But it is more complicated to make lasagna rather than this easy making spaghetti using with instant spaghetti tomato sauce.

And something about me is weird, I don't really like and I hardly eat tomato. But I like tomato as sauce especially as spaghetti tomato sauce.

I know, right? This spaghetti doesn't look so nice. Yep, but it was yummy. All thanks to that nice spaghetti tomato sauce. This is my first trying to make Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti with Mushroom.

Two serving spaghetti for me and my brother

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yesterday, actually, I had plan to meet Jane and Beth in afternoon. But turn out like Jane called me in evening said they gonna be at Plaza Singapura. I dressed up and ahead to Plaza Singapura. On the way, Beth called me and said they all had to go back because tomorrow they had sailing training in early morning. Actually, Jane came to Singapore for sailing competition. The event will be on 6th June, 07. All the best luck to her.

I was already at outside, so what should I do? I didn't want to go back yet since I was at outside. Then I called a friend and asked where was she and what she gonna do? We had window-shopping at CitiLink and Raffles City Shopping Center.

Then we went to Cafe' Cartel for a bite and drink. I had my all-time favorite, Tiramisu Cheese Cake (Soft & luscious mocha flavoured mascarpone cheese cake covered with fresh cream & cocoa powder). Yep, I studied at Cafe' Cartel's website before I blogged. Haha! My friend as a chocolate lover? She had chocolate cake. But the cake she wanted was all sold out. I ordered for her another chocolate cake which is Bitter Chocolate Fudge Cake (Alluring dark bitter chocolate fudge soaked in rum, decorated with dark chocolate shavings). My drink was Chocolate Chocolate Chunk (Chocolate ice-cream in caramelized nuts, chocolate sauce finished with whipped cream & topped with chocolate stick & a cherry). Actually, it was ice cream sundae. So my cake and ice cream sundae, both were sorta desserts, stupid me! I couldn't finish both, right? Both were really sweet and creamy. But I tried to finish my favorite Tiramisu, if not, I gonna feel bad for my Tiramisu.

My Tiramisu & my friend's Chocolate Cake

My Super Duper Tall Chocolate Chunk. Isn't it lovely? Woot!

The quarter-leftover Chocolate Chunk

The leftover wasn't wasted at all. I can draw picture on cake's plate.

Thank to my friend who sponsored for this treat. Then, we waited taxi at Raffles City Taxi Stand around 10.30pm. To get taxi in city around 10pm or 11pm is really pain in neck. I think they all just wait for On Call. There had about 7 or 8 groups in queue for taxi. But taxi was hardly came. Most of them were On Call. We were no different, we had to book for On Call Taxi. Taxi was came a few minutes later.

More drama came again, because taxi driver was Myanmar. He may overheard when we talking in Myanmar Language and he knew who we were. It was my first time meeting Myanmar taxi driver in Singapore during my 6 years stay in Singapore. The story was continued. He was talking non-stop. Pity for my brother who sat in front seat just beside him. Me and my friend were at back seat. We just talked each other and not really listening to him at all (sorta ignored?). But he didn't get picture and still talking. Sometimes, he even talked to us about the thing we were talking. I guessed he was driving and listening at the same time.


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