Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Listen this song. Sai Sai Kham Leng sang this in english and remixed it with "1st Lady - Never be replaced" song.

hamster never be r...

There has story about this song. Two days ago, I met Sai Sai online, we had a little convo and I told him about this song. But I cut the part about he told me this story, because it is his privacy. I heard that there might has show in Singapore end of July or something. He said it's all Hip Hop. Yay, please make it happen, make it happen. If it is happened, I don't know who else coming too. I want my crews back like last year show in July, Sai Sai, Kaung Myat Lay, Ye Lay, Nanda Sai. We had so much fun last year. I miss Ye Lay.

saisai: ha ha ha
ha ha ha
me: got new love?
saisai: bar mar ma lae
thiri will come there
in 3 days
need something
me: um.it's ok par
thnx anyway
saisai: ok pee yaw
why u ask me that awkard question
me: cuz of that song and some of those status from ur gtalks past few days
saisai: he he he
me: nvrm..if it is awkward question
saisai: ....
me: i see
saisai: miss u
u know we arrange to make a show there
its all hiphop
me: is it
saisai: its not sure yet
me: aw
saisai: i n last july
but ma thay char boo
me: who are the organizer
saisai: i dun know
me: i see
i wish to b happen
saisai: let go movie
me: ya..sure
and clubbbbinnn
there has new hot club :D
saisai: i miss last year that we go together
me: st.james
ya.i miss last year time too

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  1. Anonymous said...
    hey that was really cool...and u r really cute.hehe...
    i got really curious abt the missing talk...but that's ok..
    i love sai n his styles.though people say many things abt him u know ...
    i like alrite!!
    thnx n giv more!!

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