Friday, October 30, 2009

When we were young, me and my brother, it was like 7 or 8 years ago? He was shorter than me. Now he is taller than me like at least 6 to 7 inches

I am not sure how old am I in this photo. Should be pretty young like 10 years? Passport-sized photo for ICs. I brought these photo stands with me to Singapore.
(P.S. I look like my dad, my brother looks like my mom)

With Grandpa (R.I.P in 1999 due to motorbike accident, we miss you grandpa)
The Bagan trip like after he came back from Japan

In 2007 at YGN airport before we came back to Singapore. He is taller now.
The guy in middle is our cousin from mom's side.

To Vico : One of my best friend worked in Pizza Hut before as manager. She said she had to make dough every morning. I am not sure after that it has to be frozen or what. Hell no, I hope they don't read :D But nevertheless, I have changed my sentences in previous post. Hehe. Prevention is btter, right?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I should have more practice to take photo before I eat. Last night, I had dinner at Pizza Hut with my brother. Should I call as celebration of my brother coming back home early (like 7PM,  he used to come back late or not coming back at all)? I was surprised and asked him why. He said because he broke up with his girlfriend. Haha, what a reason?

Ok, here come the food. Twist 'N' Dunk meat galore pizza (meat galore, remember I am carnivorous?), Twist 'N' Dunk is new creation from Pizza Hut. I love pizza from Pizza Hut especially they come out with all those creations.

The white bowls near pizza (above corner) are cheese (to dunk) and small pieces of sweet crackers (to twist). I should have taken picture of after making it.

Curry Zazzle Baked Rice, yummy

Roger, it is all clear, Sir.

My brother Pepsi Float (his favorite drink in Pizza Hut)

Tried this, but thought lower part of this Flannel shirt is a bit tight. So didn't buy. I didn't feel of oh-so-I-like-this

To Vico : I was bored that why taking picture of my feet only on that day :D I am left out from convo. So I was entertaining myself.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Saturday night, had buffet dinner at Carousel Royal Plaza on Scotts. I totally love it and want to eat there again.

Forks, Knives, Spoon stand (two forks big and small, two knives big and small, one spoon for each person)

The wall, it looks like red stone stuck all together

Water but the glass makes the water looks red

Glass without water

I love it, my spaghetti bolognese with crayfish. Spaghetti is just a few, because it is buffet. The chef cooked for me. It is not like I added tomato sauce in cooked spaghetti. And best of all, I added crayfish. Haha, I totally love that crayfish, it tastes like crab, but in chunk. I had like 5 pieces.

Mango pudding

(Left to Right) Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Mocha Peppermint something, Marshmallow dip in chocolate fountain (the fun part is dipping marshmallow into chocolate and play with it)

The chocolate cake is very rich (I didn't take it, it was birthday, so it is birthday cake. I had a bite only)

The outside. Small candles on big wax

I was bored

Buffet is really really good, but the price is kinda expensive for me. S$60++ for weekend buffet dinner (including ++ total is like S$70). Weekend dinner is most expensive. Maybe, I should go for weekend lunch? I am not sure the food will be same or not. I want to go for like birthday and with my brother or if my parents are here. When there has good food, I want to share with the people I love. Wish I could treat them as my birthday. Oh, but it is like too expensive. Not only the food, the service is really good as well. Wish I have a lot of money or win lottery or something. If I am the boss, I won't need to think twice, right. Last Saturday, boss treated us as his birthday. There had like total of 17 pax, so would cost him about S$1200 :D

Among all the colleagues from my company, I am youngest. I always wear anyhow of ugly form to go to work. But on the night, I wore like when I usually go out or like wedding. They were surprised, haha (I love the feeling). They thought that I got transformation or something. Today, when I came back to work, people told me like where is your dress and high heel? You were Cinderella on last Saturday, what happened to your shoe? I told them it is over midnight and no more Cinderella, now I am back to what I look like normally in office.

The great thing, next Saturday going there again for lunch (I am not sure occasion and whose treat is it though). Woot~~

And Sunday, my cousin from Bangkok will come to Singapore. My brother said let's go and eat at New York New York. Good food good food makes me happy, YUMM YUMM.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy as bee since taking over other people's duties at work.

I have watched IRIS Kdrama a few days. My fave Lee Byung Hun is in this movie. Not only that, there has other bonus as well, T.O.P. YES!!! Eye candy and total drooling. Movie theme is like action as well. Interesting though.

Another Kdrama I watched is "You are beautiful". Cross dressing drama, I feel this is mixed of Coffee Prince+Boys Over Flower sorta. All the three actors are good looking, handsome, cute. Jang Geun Seok looks creepy with eyeshadow and slick hair though. He has baby face and he looks the best with clean face (He was in "Baby and I" Kmovie).

Went to Sembawang Park last Saturday. Sorta like friend gathering and two of my friends leaving Singapore soon. So yeah. Even though we booked BBQ pit, we didn't make BBQ. Food were brought from home. Last Saturday was holiday in Singapore, Deevapali. So park was kinda packed (I didn't remember it was holiday and thought it was just normal Saturday).

My brother, Me, Kathy, Ko Homer (we reached earlier). The place was near to beach. Photo looks vintage, right? Thanks to Photographer, Ma Suzu.

Finished exam on Monday, wish I could be passed, IDK. Just one more paper in December and I am off to YGN for 3 weeks vacation, totally can't wait can't wait.

Plan ahead -
This Saturday, dinner at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts with colleagues from company (chance to wear dress, they ask us to wear as well like a dinner). Lunch will be coming soon again.
Might meet this friend on Sunday. Have meal and watch movie? (as he suggests).
Get together again with HM, NL, Ma Bon to have hair cut and watch movie (we have been discussed about it for like ages). Singapore Flyer as well? We dragged too much and probably, we might just meet on NL's birthday in Nov and HM's birthday in Dec?
To watch Julie & Julia with Kathy (I have won from this Nuffnang movie contest. I don't know how to collect yet, because it is during my office hour.)

P.S. HM wanted me to update my blog. My loyal blog silent reader HM (complain in chat or outside if I don't update). I ditched the things I need to do for a while and update this.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tom Yam Soup is one of my favourite. Not only that, I enjoy cooking tom yam as well.
But this tom yam is special, because my cousin A2M brought tom yam paste especially from Bangkok (not dried paste). She brought other ingredients as well. Plus I added coconut milk.
What is more fun to cook together with others such as siblings/cousins/friends. After all, we had yummy and delicious meal.

Me and my brother, Cooking in action

a lot of prawns

Fried chicken and fried chicken skin from bangkok

I love movie about cooking. Or documentary or program. I usually watch them and I end cooking those dishes (If I like to eat or try any of them)
So watching Julie & Julia will be fun too. It will be on cinemas starting from today.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kevin's birthday on Oct 3 (10 years)

A2M's birthday on Oct 13 (24 years)

Myat Thu Hein's birthday on Oct 26 (14 years)

Thanks to facebook. I don't need to remember their birthday. I just need to check on their facebook's profile :D

To Vico : I don't mean to experience in horror movie and their theme. I mean I want to experience in their school life only (not just only from that 'Sorority Row' movie. I mean from all the HS, uni related movies). Was it really fun? I wore dress and heel on my friend's wedding before. The heel picture above :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday night was fun after meeting HM, NL and playing cards at home. Saturday evening, met NL and went to City Hall and had Myanmar food "Tofu Noodle" at Golden Triangle

Walked around Raffles City Shopping Centre. I like this sweatshirt with hoodie (Hoodies are love). It is like for men and big size. But currently I am obsessed with over-sized shirt. So I bought XL and gonna wear it as dress. It was having promotion. Normal price is S$89.90. But I got it as S$29.90.


Outfit of the day, I was wearing. Yes, over-sized shirt.

Watched "Sorority Row" midnight show at Century Square with NL. She wanted to watch it. Those movies I watched related with High School, College or University, seem like they have so much fun. I wanted to have those experience as well, like prom which I didn't have before.

Went for shopping with WL on sunday. Bought this gladiator high heel. I never liked this type before. But this will be suitable with any casual clothes, short pant or anything. Peep toe type will be more suitable with dress. I won't be wear dress every times I go out. That why, I got this. Last pair for my size 38. No choice, I just took display pair. End up, right size zipper is a bit spoiled, hard to zip. 3 inches heel is wearable for me. After add on 3 inches, I feel tall as 5'6". On Friday night, me, NL and HM passed through bridal shop, we were talking about beautiful bridal dress. NL said it should wear it with like 5 inches heel. I saw those very high heel at River Island. It will be very hard to stand. Can't image how wear. But after trying, it might be ok? or not? I don't know.
Going out, hanging out with girlfriends is fun. After all, 99.99% of  my friends are girls.


I got a call from my friend last night and it made me really happy that he remembered me (and he said so too and asking me about how is his new album?), I asked him 'did you call me last night? (because I got missed call from unknown number, I received his call as unknown number as well).

Currently Obsession : Over-sized shade, Over-sized shirt, Over-sized spectacle (although I am not obsessed, lastly my body is like I-am over-sized-me).

P.S. I just knew that the post about I was feeling down, I posted it under my another blogger's account (use for testing blog skin only). So apologized to blogspot that I was thinking it got deleted or what? =D clumsy me. It could be that I was really feeling down and I didn't even know where did I post?

Friday, October 9, 2009

My brother read this book and those kind of English books. I saw his book such as "Ange and Demon" by Dan Brown, "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown.

But I read this and Garfield Comic Book.

On the way to go back home. This tree is pretty with pinkish/white things on it. It looks like Sakura or something.

Bought this NexCare Acne patch few weeks ago. Star shape and heart shape are cute.

Dove Go Fresh Body Washed, they have such fresh smell, I like lemongrass smell and cucumber smell. They are really fresh. I like travel size bottle, it is so affordable yet quite big bottle and totally worth it. I bought it last year December before I went back YGN. I gonna need one again. I need shopping sprees at Watsons or Guardian before I go back YGN in Dec. Now grinding my teeth and saving money.

Currently, taking over Admin duties in office. I have to walk around a lot in office to distribute things and in charge of my IT issues as well (because I have moved to front desk and most of users and to solve issues are in another rooms). So there has a chance that I might lose weight. I said CHANCE.

Exam on 19 Oct. Must study, have in mind, action is not following yet. I hate essay type exam paper. Have to memorize things like crazy. But last minute memorizing things not that help at all. Tada!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who will help me if I am going down? Try smiling but crying inside.
What wrong with me? Even blogger did? I remember I posted this entry since yesterday evening. But it doesn't appear on my blog. Was it because it look like suicidal note? And it got deleted itself or I didn't click publish post? I remember I did.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I don't know I should name this entry as '13 unique facts about me or 13 strange things about me or 13 random facts about me'.

1. I comb my hair like once a day only. (When I wake up in the morning)

2. I cross my leg while I am sleeping without knowing myself I do it.

3. I write blog entries in my mind and thinking that I might post but end up, I didn't. (In this  technology day, now we can post blog, facebook, etc via mobile, could someone invent for me to publish entries what I write down via in my mind, lol? =p)

4. I don't like vegetables. I am carnivorous.

5. I need someone who will be pushy to me when I do something. When I am deciding something or to do something, I need someone to tell me go for it. It is like I am standing at cliff, I need someone to push me down. (But sometimes, I just totally do opposite way and never listen)

6. I feel I couldn't sleep if I don't sleep on my right side.

7. I want triplet.

8. I can eat only one meal a day. But when I eat, I eat like there's no tomorrow. (Isn't it perfect for buffet?)

9. I don't wear full make up even though I am going for wedding or my graduation. Just make up foundation & lip gloss, I am done. I don't do cheek blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrow, etc. I don't mean I will never wear. I mean till now I don't do those stuffs yet except just for fun when we were bored and my friends color my face (I thought it looks ugly on my face).

10. I used to wear big t-shirt, baggy jean pant, skateboard shoe like Globe. But next day, I wore t-shirt and short jean skirt. I stopped wearing those baggy pant after librarian from my school asked me 'Do I have sister?'. He might mistake as two person because I wore pant and skirt back and forth.

11. I feel guilty if I don't post blog entry for a few days (It is not like 1000 of visitors visiting my blog everyday though. I don't know, I just feel that way).

12. I feel guilty if I skip classes (But I still do though =p ).

13. I like American accent but I think British accent and Australian accent are weird to me.

P.S. 13 is not the number I limit myself to post facts about me. Maybe, I might have more but I forgot and couldn't think anymore yet.

To Vico : Yes, I will think twice to change optical lens for that frame after seeing what you and my friend said. Maybe, I will just wear it for fun.


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