Friday, October 9, 2009

My brother read this book and those kind of English books. I saw his book such as "Ange and Demon" by Dan Brown, "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown.

But I read this and Garfield Comic Book.

On the way to go back home. This tree is pretty with pinkish/white things on it. It looks like Sakura or something.

Bought this NexCare Acne patch few weeks ago. Star shape and heart shape are cute.

Dove Go Fresh Body Washed, they have such fresh smell, I like lemongrass smell and cucumber smell. They are really fresh. I like travel size bottle, it is so affordable yet quite big bottle and totally worth it. I bought it last year December before I went back YGN. I gonna need one again. I need shopping sprees at Watsons or Guardian before I go back YGN in Dec. Now grinding my teeth and saving money.

Currently, taking over Admin duties in office. I have to walk around a lot in office to distribute things and in charge of my IT issues as well (because I have moved to front desk and most of users and to solve issues are in another rooms). So there has a chance that I might lose weight. I said CHANCE.

Exam on 19 Oct. Must study, have in mind, action is not following yet. I hate essay type exam paper. Have to memorize things like crazy. But last minute memorizing things not that help at all. Tada!!


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