Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy as bee since taking over other people's duties at work.

I have watched IRIS Kdrama a few days. My fave Lee Byung Hun is in this movie. Not only that, there has other bonus as well, T.O.P. YES!!! Eye candy and total drooling. Movie theme is like action as well. Interesting though.

Another Kdrama I watched is "You are beautiful". Cross dressing drama, I feel this is mixed of Coffee Prince+Boys Over Flower sorta. All the three actors are good looking, handsome, cute. Jang Geun Seok looks creepy with eyeshadow and slick hair though. He has baby face and he looks the best with clean face (He was in "Baby and I" Kmovie).

Went to Sembawang Park last Saturday. Sorta like friend gathering and two of my friends leaving Singapore soon. So yeah. Even though we booked BBQ pit, we didn't make BBQ. Food were brought from home. Last Saturday was holiday in Singapore, Deevapali. So park was kinda packed (I didn't remember it was holiday and thought it was just normal Saturday).

My brother, Me, Kathy, Ko Homer (we reached earlier). The place was near to beach. Photo looks vintage, right? Thanks to Photographer, Ma Suzu.

Finished exam on Monday, wish I could be passed, IDK. Just one more paper in December and I am off to YGN for 3 weeks vacation, totally can't wait can't wait.

Plan ahead -
This Saturday, dinner at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts with colleagues from company (chance to wear dress, they ask us to wear as well like a dinner). Lunch will be coming soon again.
Might meet this friend on Sunday. Have meal and watch movie? (as he suggests).
Get together again with HM, NL, Ma Bon to have hair cut and watch movie (we have been discussed about it for like ages). Singapore Flyer as well? We dragged too much and probably, we might just meet on NL's birthday in Nov and HM's birthday in Dec?
To watch Julie & Julia with Kathy (I have won from this Nuffnang movie contest. I don't know how to collect yet, because it is during my office hour.)

P.S. HM wanted me to update my blog. My loyal blog silent reader HM (complain in chat or outside if I don't update). I ditched the things I need to do for a while and update this.


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