Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gonna be in Yangon really soon. Planning to eat at street stalls in Chinatown with Ma Bay Dar.
Gonna eat my mom's cooking. Looking forward to my dad and mom's birthdays.
Will be back on 5 April. May change to 6 April or 11 or 12 or 13 April. Depend on if I can get air ticket confirm date either one of the day. But 5 April is my initial confirm date.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tried some photo apps from iphone. This one is using Lomo Lomo. I like the effect and I think it makes my skin is good without doing any touch up or photoshop.

Action cam, and it is good for different poses.

Was doing night shift duty. We ordered Pastamania Delivery and Jackie was having her baked rice.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I went to meet my friend at airport. Flight was delay and thanks god, I left home only flight is landed, and they came out late also.

Me, my brother and Joker

Me, Ye Lay and my brother

I think I am sleeping in this picture with both eyes closed.

Gonna see them again in next week. Cannot wait to go back YGN.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Was busy since my friend was here. Today, he went back to YGN. I am not that sad for parting because I am going back YGN in next week too, TeeHee.

Well, a few days,

Flora sent me this beautiful necklace from Bangkok as her blog giveaway. Do visit her blog.

I have watched Gnome and Juliet movie with Wynnle at Plaza Singapura GV. After that we were trying out actionCam app from iPhone. Not good pose and good acting though.

Sh!t.. I never knew my brother is such a flirt/heartbreaker/ladykiller. Thank to u, badass, I am famous. He dated a girl and broke up after 2 days. Then that girl called to my mobile (not sure how she got my number), because my brother never pick up her calls (my brother told me later that he blocked her numbers, he said there are a few girls who are like extreme stalkers to him, believe it or not, I am not sure it is true). Let it be end of story. I don't want to be judge. But brother, it is not good to play with girls' heart. Darn you.

To Vico : Yah, guess I am in devil mode, I drew my eyeliner not in cute girl's way. I think I drew like some kinda devil way (not sure how to say though). My brother said what happen to my eyeliners, usually other girls draw at the end of eyes, I drew it until 4/5 and upward. lol. I told him I just felt like to draw this way for now.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally, received iPhone 4 yesterday, yayyy. My order from gmarket arrived today. Bought a few casings for my phone. Two pink shoe casings (one for Wynnle), one chocolate, one angel, one devil, one cassette tape. Ain't they cute and unique design? I am currently using devil one now.

My current home screen of phone. Hehehe. TOP.
In my office, when I did hand over with next shift agent Gayathri, she saw my phone and asked me who was it? I answered her 'my boyfriend, hehehe'. She said don't bluff and she doesn't believe me. Haha, was it too obvious? lol. And I replied, in my dream, kekeke.

To Vico : Yah, I am good sister, he is not, lol. He earns more than me and he is like I am using his money also. And he is buying branded stuffs. When I buy things, he is like it is his money I used.


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