Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally, received iPhone 4 yesterday, yayyy. My order from gmarket arrived today. Bought a few casings for my phone. Two pink shoe casings (one for Wynnle), one chocolate, one angel, one devil, one cassette tape. Ain't they cute and unique design? I am currently using devil one now.

My current home screen of phone. Hehehe. TOP.
In my office, when I did hand over with next shift agent Gayathri, she saw my phone and asked me who was it? I answered her 'my boyfriend, hehehe'. She said don't bluff and she doesn't believe me. Haha, was it too obvious? lol. And I replied, in my dream, kekeke.

To Vico : Yah, I am good sister, he is not, lol. He earns more than me and he is like I am using his money also. And he is buying branded stuffs. When I buy things, he is like it is his money I used.

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  1. Vico said...
    Enjoy you're new phone.
    Interesting cases, are you in 'devil mode' or something, lol. :P

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