Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo says all, isn't it? The dress is nice. I got fun and happy to meet friend and celebrate their wedding and helping out as bridesmaid as well.

Two bridesmaid and Beautiful Bride in Myanmar traditional wedding dress

2nd Marching with us

On the stage, champagne pouring ceremony

Me and my best man. He is shy or scared of me or I do not know. I had to ask him first to take photo with me :D

Ma Flora and Me

Me with Friends. Wynnle is in Myanmar dress and she is emcee for wedding

Another best man which is Ma Flora's best man is missing. Do not know where he went and chasing other girls at wedding :p

Blocking bride and bridegroom way to hotel room and asking money from them for fun

Finally, I can breath normally in my casual attire

By the way, at the tossing the bridal bouquet, the bouquet was nearly hit my face. But another girl from my left side (not the one standing beside me, it is second person from my left side) extended her hands to my face and hit my face and caught the bouquet. So I didn't get bouquet and I won't have chance to get married so soon yet. And the bouquet in my hand was my bridesmaid bouquet not the bridal bouquet :)

Today, in Yangon, my friend Ei Khaing Soe had her wedding reception and wedding dinner as well. Too bad that I could not attend :(

To Vico : Yeah, I have moved place and I am not living at the house with little kid. And I miss him.
To MaBayDar : He was just posing infront of DSLR :D


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