Monday, June 27, 2011

I had 5 days off straight. I had been rotten at home for quite long time. And on Saturday, I went to my friends' birthday party at Each Coast. They had rent a chalet at there. A few other friends were having BBQ party or chalet at there as well. It was fun. So I walked around to different places and so compare to just one party, it was like 3 parties at the same time.

I went early, because my friend had some VCD shooting and I went to catch up early. Took a few pictures with DSLR camera of my friend. So photos were quite good, right? But I think I became very fat and now I have like double chin, haha.

I went there with my friend's family from my home.

Nilar, Wynnle, Me and Ma Bon. (we all were having different event at the same beach yet, we met)


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