Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I gonna be princess in jungle for a while. I can eat / go / do whatever I want and no work at all.

Going to airport in 2 hours. If I don't have chance to update in YGN, I shall update when I come back from YGN, that will be in next year.


To Vico : So I am not normal? How do you define me? =)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am stressed. I hate doing things and stuffs which trouble me and I don't want to do.

I do mistakes and I am careless. A lot of things are going wrong for me.
Where is the prince charming who will rescue and help me? Wake up, I am not the girl from KDrama. I have been watching too much, right?

I want to return back to my childhood days which I don't really need to care for anything. My parents would take care of everything and anything.

To Vico : Yeah, I don't have confidence. I don't mean like I am ugly. Maybe, I am normal (some may think ugly, IDK). But I don't think I am pretty. Haha, confused?

Hello New Love

My previous gladiator heel's zip is spoiled after wearing for two times. And I have bought new one yesterday. This heel is about 4.5" (all along, I thought it is 4"). My previous heels are only 3.5" (I thought they are 3"). Now I am breaking record then. But I feel comfortable to wear though (feel even better than my previous gladiator heel).

Girl has a lot of best friends. Don't we just love them (Shoes, Bags, Perfumes, Make Up, Lip Stick, Jewelery, etc)?

To Vico : Because I know :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Barbie at Raffles City Shopping

Barbie the rich brat. So, she got everything.
I like this dress

Starting here. Hort Park

The weird pose

Wynnle told me to pretend to walk. But picture came out blur. So I pretended to walk by leaving my leg behind.

The background is really nice.


In the green hub


Tired for a day and no more energy

I know I ain't model and I am not pretty. I just wanted to have fun meeting and going out with my friends. Taken some picture. I had watched too much of "America's Next Top Model". I wanted to pose like them, but failed. Haha. I am way too stiff and don't know how to pose.

Met with Nilar @ Cafe Cartel Tampines Mall. She just had her hair perm. Isn't she cute? My face is so big compare to her.

To Heiman : Now I said I don't have money after shopping. Ban me from Bugis Street, please.
To MadyJune : I could help you when you go shopping :)
To Vico : No problem. I love boxer too. I wear boxer when I am at home. I have about 11 or 12 boxers. The glove, just style. Shoe, sometimes, if first time wearing, they could hurt your feet, right? Anyway, I love that design and shinny sequin. Please come here, I could treat you. They have like this biggest desert as well. Do you see in picture (the center one)?


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