Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is nearer to my exam and the day I am going back YGN. Because of all those pre-vacation feeling, I forget about exam and not much stress yet. My brother said can I even answer my exam questions? I don't know.

Yesterday was group presentation. Our group topic is 'Can ICT help people do better jobs?'. My part in group presentation is ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning). Other groups took this topic as well and a few groups covered this ERP topic. We were sorta last group. It was worried me that all about ERP and mine is ERP as well. I was last one to present and conclude in my group. My group member were talking about their stuffs. Each group had 15 mins. We have 4 groups members including me. By the time I had to present, tutor said I only had one minute to present, conclude and wrap up everything. I was like grrrr, omggg (my group member said I had most slides in presentation. We had about total 34 slides). I talked everything in 1 minutes including conclusion. Smart or not? Haha. Well, nevermind, everyone already heard about ERP in all the previous groups.

This year December, a lot of a lot of people I know going back YGN, omg, blast.
MaBayDar, Wynnle, Susie, Nang, Lin Htut, Ma ACS, etc.

And plus Stellabeth came back from Ausi after her study. So I have a lot of people to hang out with me, so exciting. I don't know how will it be though.

I and MaBayDar are planning to shoot short flims or MTVs in Chaung Thar Beach. Haha, she will be director and video director. We are choosing songs to do MTVs.


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