Monday, December 7, 2009

December is shopping month for me.
Currently loving these kind of leather sling bags.

This is for me, I could use as backpack or sling bag.

This is for my friend as birthday present.

This is for Beth. I gonna give her when I go back YGN.

Currently loving Fedora

Bought Eyeliner, Eyebrow pencil, Blusher. I am going wear some make up, lol.
So I just bought cheap one to try out first.

These shirts, vests, coat, dress (up to down, vest, shirt, dress, shirt, coat)

This add to my closet. Not only above things, I have bought a few more as well. It is hanging at right side of closet.

And this brown belt

Love this collar

Big sweatshirt from Esprit

The shirts are like this, sorta big and oversized. Is it called like boyfriend shirt?


Bought this, but it won't much to wear with shirt, right? Above, silver ballet will be better. But it is giving me foot blister when I wore for first time. I don't know for next time if I wear.

Bought shorts from Cotton On. Gonna wear them with shirts.

Cute necklace, with ice cream and other things.

Bough Double eyelid tapes from Daiso. Gonna try this. Haha. I have single eyelid only.

Canon Powershot D10 for my cousin. Yes, this camera is good. I guess it is better than my Canon Powershot E1. But design looks a big ugly. It is waterproof, freeze proof, shock proof.
I bought this from Sitex IT show. The dealer is Harvey Norma. After I paid at cashier, I needed to redeem from another counter. They said no stock. I was so pissed off. They promised to send to my home on Monday or Tuesday. They didn't. I am angry, Grrr. I got this only when I went to collect Funan IT mall Harvey Norman.


  1. Heiman said...
    dun say u dun have money anymore after so many shopping . :p
    Heiman said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    madyjune said...
    I wish I am as stylish as you. I have some vests in my closet but I never know what to wear them with.
    Btw, I love the bags.
    Vico said...
    For a second I thought you put pics of your boxers not shorts. :D

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