Friday, October 31, 2008

Assignment + worked related software training, etc make me busy. I can't even update my blog yet. I have a few things to write about in my mind. Well, but I can't update all and can't recall what I want to write, geez.

Finally, I got to see my little cousin (now I know how she looks like, haha, she is cute though). She will be currently my youngest cousin. I gotta see her in Dec, yayyy.

little cousin and her dad

I bought a lot of Ben 10 stuffs for my two of cousins (not this little cousin).

My cousin came to Gtalk, then I asked them what do they want me to get present for them. So they wanted me to buy Ben 10 for them, so yeah, I bought for them as present. I never know what is Ben 10 before. This is new kid stuff? (I know powerpuff girl, mickey, power ranger, etc, but never knew Ben 10). When I tried to buy Ben 10 for them, I found out a lot of Ben 10 stuffs in market which make a drill in my wallet. So finally, I bought stickers, coloring book, water bottle, watch, towel, wallet, car, toy (some items are not in pictures) each for two of my cousins. I love my cousins, yeah and I'm eldest among them. Ain't I too good? Queue up to be my cousins? =p Sorry, no more application.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let me day-dream. What if I win 2.2 millions lottery?

Not in order though, but I love Me, Me Me, then my family, my good friends =)

1. I will resign from my job ASAP =D

2. I will do make over of myself such as to lose some weight, maybe, eyelid surgery? (I have single eyelid and it is small, so yeah) and not forget lota shopping - $20,000

3. I will visit like around the world with my family - $100,000

4. I will pay my school loan & my brother school loan - $20,000

5. I will treat good food to my family, relative and good friends (and give some presents also?) - $10,000

6. I will buy house with garden in YGN (house needs not to be good, I will rebuild the design I want, anyway. It doesn't need to be oh-so-rich neighbourhood) - $200,000

7. The cost for building new house - $150,000

8. I will buy house with garden in Pyin Oo Lwin (that place has nice weather and for retirement plan, it will be good) - $100,000

9. I will donate to some charity such as orphanage, elderly home - $5000

10. I will do some business like maybe open coffee shop? - $100,000

11. I will give presents to my family - $2000

12. I will go trips in Myanmar and bring Superman and others (he has been good to me a lot) - $8000

13. I will buy a sport type car - $50,000

Now total about $700,000 plus plus. Many more may come. Let me dream some more, okay?

FYI, all figures are assuming, they are in SGD and there may have some plus and minus =D

Wait!! I haven't bought lottery ticket yet. Lol. Please let me dream and don't wake me up. Snore~~ Snore~~

Vico, Thanks. I will reply you here. If you visit here, I will treat you buffet (whether I win lottery or not :D)

Burmese Gold Bull, it has been quite long time I didn't see you on pandoma as well :)

Me & My Princess Fever

Monday, October 20, 2008


I had class. I had to go school. But Friday night, I played game till late like 4AM and end up I didn't want to wake up to go school (not that early to wake up, but still let's say like 11AM? I don't want to wake up though, hee)

Me and my besties (+bf, +hubby, oh yeah, I have none, so I brought my brother :p not only that, I wanted to treat him good food too) went to have buffet at Bugis (third time buffet, baby). As plan earlier, I was supposed to go to meet HM first after my school and went to Bugis. But since I didn't go to school, I straightly went to Bugis with my brother. After Bugis, I had sesame ice cream (that Japanese ice cream stall, I forgot the name). They have like ice cream with new decoraction and stuff now. But I will say expensive (but once in a blue moon eating is ok) $6 for single scoop with cone (maybe, same price as Haagen-Dazs?)

I stayed up late again to play game called "Farmnia" such a time management game. I love time management and I love those kinda working (farm, flight, cake shop, etc) in game (only in game, yeah). I went to sleep like 7AM plus only. I felt guilty again. Haha.

I invited Red to go High School Musical 3 : Senior Year Gala Premiere with me. Yayyy.. Thanks Nuffnang (I love youuuu). It is my 3rd time to go movie Gala Premiere. First was Rush Hour 3, second was Babylon A.D. This time is High School Musical 3.

It was fun to watch, all those high school stuffs (basketball, popular chick, etc) + musical.

After movie, we filled our stomach like there's no tomorrow. Haha. We ordered 12" seafood pizza, baked pasta, chicken lasagna, cotta panna at Pizza Pazza. The portion is quite big. I left last bit of lasagna. Haha. Sadly, I don't have handphone cam anymore and no chance to take picture. Red remembered to take picture but it was like we already finished a few stuffs (pizza and baked pasta). I have to get picture from her.

Thanks god, my stomach didn't burst. To digest and now feeding time for eye. We had shopping at Vivo City. I bought new slipper. new bag, hair clip, foot chain (I wear them to work today and I feel like I am middle school student going to fresh new year of school reopen).

Sigh~~~ Had class today after work. I don't like this subject, VB. Hate to core. Dammit, dammit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How was my graduation experience? Although, it is not about high school graduation, well, I will talk about my Poly Graduation.
How clumsy me? I overslept on my graduation. Haha. I woke up like 10AM++. Luckily, my home was near to my poly (Temasek). So I ran to school graduation place. I can't even iron my shirt. I just reached like in time. My friend were asking me that oh, you weren't well prepared? You didn't even iron your shirt. I told them about I overslept on my graduation and they laughed at me. After that we took a lot of pictures in school. Me, Kristy, Jue, Ko Freddy. It was fun though.
Next graduation? What can I expect? Now it is part time degree and kinda like distance learning as well. But whatever, it will come in one day (hopefully though). Like in 2010? Yeah.
And I want to have prom night & graduation (I don't mean for this coming graduation though). Prom night is for high school? I ain't sure. But my country education system isn't like this and I never have one before.

FYI, dammit. I wanted to post my poly graduation pictures. I couldn't find anymore. Sobb~~ I thought I got as hardcopy from Kristy and I sent to my parent. I forgot whether I have softcopy or not. Umm, I could be in my old desktop. I tried hard to find from my old blog xanga and some web photo albums. I just can't find it. Geez.

Well, that's all about my graduation.

Now here it come I will talk about High School Musical 3.

I really really like school related movies such as Mean Girls, Bring It On, American Pie, etc.

Now here your chance to catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas From October 24

Htein Htein (one of my friend's daughter) also like High School Musical. I met her in last May for BBQ @ Sembawang with Native-ers. She told me a lot of things about High School Musical. I guess she will love to catch this movie too.

Ummm.. I am talking about drama name, FYI.

I am currently watching this drama "Love & Marriage" and "East Of Eden". East of Eden is such action drama for me and this Love & Marriage drama is just too cute. I get butterfly in my stomach while I was watching it. Now subtitle is out only till for episode 9. I can't wait for more.
Actress, I will say not-oh-so-pretty nor oh-so-fashionable in this drama. But I got attached to her. She is just too cute like a kid and fun. Actor is such an eye candy, yummm!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still good things never come yet.

Oct 7, I heard MOS club was closed down. Darn, I had plan to go this Saturday with Dean, Kristy, Sai and maybe others? I don't know where should we go now? Butter factory? Attica? Want to go with good hip hop music. But those two, I never been there.

Oct 7, exam. Thanks god, I didn't memorize and study about theory part. In exam question, never asked about it as well. Some of my sql scripts are wrong. Yeah, totally.

Oct 8, I was sick. Thanks to sore throat and fever.

Any more good thing to come?
Well, here come my home pictures. I nagged my cousins to send me this over. It was pretty long already. Because of YGN connection, they were so delayed to send this. I love my new home in YGN. It is so green and cartoon all over the wall (I chose the color and design ofcourse. It was last December when I went back YGN)

Left side door is main door and right side door is door to balcony

Living room

My dad & mom's room


Kitchen. My dad and mom know me best too. They know I love Disney character and they decorate kitchen with those Mickey and Minnie. (I didn't choose this one though)

This is my room. Ofcourse share with my brother. Actually should have partation inbetween, my dad said he will do. But I don't know for sure though. Well, anyway, but this time around, me and my brother ain't going back to YGN in same time.

Let me think about it. My dad said he painted my room as purple and my brother's room as white. Is it all lie? He told me on phone though. Last December, I told him how I want my room to be like. Now look at the picture and I remember, he didn't :(
Since last December, my mom was like 'Um, I will do whatever I want. Because you are not living here'. Geez.
Okie dokie, I will bring my weapon stickers and decorate all over the wall. Yayyy!!!
Can't wait to go back on 13 December

Just got bunch of photos again. Lazy to arrange them now. Well, FYI, my house isn't that big. But it is just cozy enough for two folks which are just my dad and my mom only. Me and my brother just going back like once a year only.



Living room

Monday, October 6, 2008

Those people who read my blog regularly and those people who know me well, know how much I love my phone. Now it is gone, yes it is gone like forever. I just used only one month (I posted about my phone on Sep 6, 08 and now I am posting about this thing on Oct 6, 08.) Assume for pickpocket. Yesterday, I went to Plaza Singapura with Red.

This is senario.
6.00PM, last sms to my brother.
6.15PM, ate at KFC with Red.
6.40PM, I looked for my phone to call my friend. I can't find in my bag. Red called to my number. Power is off. So fast and it is off (I don't think it will be off by itself). Dammit.

Call me cruel or whatever. I gonna curse and swear.
To the person who pick up my phone and never return me back or to the person who stole my handphone, may you have bad luck like 2000 years. May you die vomitting blood. What else, what else, may all the bad things happen to you.

Well, I can't find same model in anymore. Too bad. It will be wasted of energy to find at handphone shops in Singapore. I won't complain so much and curse if I can easily find and buy the phone again.

I lost all your contact. So if we know each other email me or contact me to give me your number. Thanks.

Thanks to Red, who stay by my side to try to find phone in Plaza Singapura.
Thanks to Beth who want to find same model of new phone in Australia for me.
Thanks to Minn Bo who want to find same model of new phone in Malaysia for me.

What a bad day. Everything is screwed up in office as well (since morning). Woohoo, tomorrow I have exam. I should be crazy now.

I wish to rewind back the time. Gimme Time Machine, Hallelujah!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It was fun to meet a lot of people from TP (Temasek Polytechnic). I didn't get from some of photo from other yet. The camera I brought is so stupid and blur. I should get better camera soon.


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