Monday, October 6, 2008

Those people who read my blog regularly and those people who know me well, know how much I love my phone. Now it is gone, yes it is gone like forever. I just used only one month (I posted about my phone on Sep 6, 08 and now I am posting about this thing on Oct 6, 08.) Assume for pickpocket. Yesterday, I went to Plaza Singapura with Red.

This is senario.
6.00PM, last sms to my brother.
6.15PM, ate at KFC with Red.
6.40PM, I looked for my phone to call my friend. I can't find in my bag. Red called to my number. Power is off. So fast and it is off (I don't think it will be off by itself). Dammit.

Call me cruel or whatever. I gonna curse and swear.
To the person who pick up my phone and never return me back or to the person who stole my handphone, may you have bad luck like 2000 years. May you die vomitting blood. What else, what else, may all the bad things happen to you.

Well, I can't find same model in anymore. Too bad. It will be wasted of energy to find at handphone shops in Singapore. I won't complain so much and curse if I can easily find and buy the phone again.

I lost all your contact. So if we know each other email me or contact me to give me your number. Thanks.

Thanks to Red, who stay by my side to try to find phone in Plaza Singapura.
Thanks to Beth who want to find same model of new phone in Australia for me.
Thanks to Minn Bo who want to find same model of new phone in Malaysia for me.

What a bad day. Everything is screwed up in office as well (since morning). Woohoo, tomorrow I have exam. I should be crazy now.

I wish to rewind back the time. Gimme Time Machine, Hallelujah!


  1. Vico said...
    That sucks, sorry about your phone, I know how hard you tried to get it. Well my computer died on me last week and I had to buy a new one yesterday.
    SZA said...
    i duno it wil b so over reacting or not..i stil can't get over it wit yet :(
    too bad, u hav to buy new computer too.i know data such as pictures and other things r precious too

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