Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still good things never come yet.

Oct 7, I heard MOS club was closed down. Darn, I had plan to go this Saturday with Dean, Kristy, Sai and maybe others? I don't know where should we go now? Butter factory? Attica? Want to go with good hip hop music. But those two, I never been there.

Oct 7, exam. Thanks god, I didn't memorize and study about theory part. In exam question, never asked about it as well. Some of my sql scripts are wrong. Yeah, totally.

Oct 8, I was sick. Thanks to sore throat and fever.

Any more good thing to come?
Well, here come my home pictures. I nagged my cousins to send me this over. It was pretty long already. Because of YGN connection, they were so delayed to send this. I love my new home in YGN. It is so green and cartoon all over the wall (I chose the color and design ofcourse. It was last December when I went back YGN)

Left side door is main door and right side door is door to balcony

Living room

My dad & mom's room


Kitchen. My dad and mom know me best too. They know I love Disney character and they decorate kitchen with those Mickey and Minnie. (I didn't choose this one though)

This is my room. Ofcourse share with my brother. Actually should have partation inbetween, my dad said he will do. But I don't know for sure though. Well, anyway, but this time around, me and my brother ain't going back to YGN in same time.

Let me think about it. My dad said he painted my room as purple and my brother's room as white. Is it all lie? He told me on phone though. Last December, I told him how I want my room to be like. Now look at the picture and I remember, he didn't :(
Since last December, my mom was like 'Um, I will do whatever I want. Because you are not living here'. Geez.
Okie dokie, I will bring my weapon stickers and decorate all over the wall. Yayyy!!!
Can't wait to go back on 13 December

Just got bunch of photos again. Lazy to arrange them now. Well, FYI, my house isn't that big. But it is just cozy enough for two folks which are just my dad and my mom only. Me and my brother just going back like once a year only.



Living room


  1. Noble Silence said...
    Is that Zay Gyi Street house?
    SZA said... new house at zay gyi street..

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