Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How was my graduation experience? Although, it is not about high school graduation, well, I will talk about my Poly Graduation.
How clumsy me? I overslept on my graduation. Haha. I woke up like 10AM++. Luckily, my home was near to my poly (Temasek). So I ran to school graduation place. I can't even iron my shirt. I just reached like in time. My friend were asking me that oh, you weren't well prepared? You didn't even iron your shirt. I told them about I overslept on my graduation and they laughed at me. After that we took a lot of pictures in school. Me, Kristy, Jue, Ko Freddy. It was fun though.
Next graduation? What can I expect? Now it is part time degree and kinda like distance learning as well. But whatever, it will come in one day (hopefully though). Like in 2010? Yeah.
And I want to have prom night & graduation (I don't mean for this coming graduation though). Prom night is for high school? I ain't sure. But my country education system isn't like this and I never have one before.

FYI, dammit. I wanted to post my poly graduation pictures. I couldn't find anymore. Sobb~~ I thought I got as hardcopy from Kristy and I sent to my parent. I forgot whether I have softcopy or not. Umm, I could be in my old desktop. I tried hard to find from my old blog xanga and some web photo albums. I just can't find it. Geez.

Well, that's all about my graduation.

Now here it come I will talk about High School Musical 3.

I really really like school related movies such as Mean Girls, Bring It On, American Pie, etc.

Now here your chance to catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas From October 24

Htein Htein (one of my friend's daughter) also like High School Musical. I met her in last May for BBQ @ Sembawang with Native-ers. She told me a lot of things about High School Musical. I guess she will love to catch this movie too.


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