Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let me day-dream. What if I win 2.2 millions lottery?

Not in order though, but I love Me, Me Me, then my family, my good friends =)

1. I will resign from my job ASAP =D

2. I will do make over of myself such as to lose some weight, maybe, eyelid surgery? (I have single eyelid and it is small, so yeah) and not forget lota shopping - $20,000

3. I will visit like around the world with my family - $100,000

4. I will pay my school loan & my brother school loan - $20,000

5. I will treat good food to my family, relative and good friends (and give some presents also?) - $10,000

6. I will buy house with garden in YGN (house needs not to be good, I will rebuild the design I want, anyway. It doesn't need to be oh-so-rich neighbourhood) - $200,000

7. The cost for building new house - $150,000

8. I will buy house with garden in Pyin Oo Lwin (that place has nice weather and for retirement plan, it will be good) - $100,000

9. I will donate to some charity such as orphanage, elderly home - $5000

10. I will do some business like maybe open coffee shop? - $100,000

11. I will give presents to my family - $2000

12. I will go trips in Myanmar and bring Superman and others (he has been good to me a lot) - $8000

13. I will buy a sport type car - $50,000

Now total about $700,000 plus plus. Many more may come. Let me dream some more, okay?

FYI, all figures are assuming, they are in SGD and there may have some plus and minus =D

Wait!! I haven't bought lottery ticket yet. Lol. Please let me dream and don't wake me up. Snore~~ Snore~~

Vico, Thanks. I will reply you here. If you visit here, I will treat you buffet (whether I win lottery or not :D)

Burmese Gold Bull, it has been quite long time I didn't see you on pandoma as well :)

Me & My Princess Fever


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