Thursday, May 31, 2007

I went to Harbour Front for the walk-in interview at HP. How lucky was I! I had an interview with the interviewer I didn't wish for. Because, he looked kinda fierce. I was praying at first. But in the end, it's looked like he was waiting for my turn or something. When he finished someone on his desk, he didn't ask the person in front of me to come his desk yet. But after another interviewer called the person in front of me, he immediately asked me to come his desk. Tsk!!
I don't want to expect high to get this job offer. Let it be, this is my luck. I had plan to meet Lynn and Anna at Orchard in the evening. I still had some times left, so I walked around in Vivo City.

Vivo City

There has Italian Show or something in Vivo City. So I shot a few photos of cars. Yes, Lamborghini was there.

The Expensive Lamborghini. That why they guarded it with glass. Maybe, they don't even want finger print on that car. Haha!

The orange Lamborghini. Phew! I didn't really like Lamborghini, plus it is orange. I wish Red Ferrari was there.

2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Couple Specification

Wow, I prefer this Red car. Everyone was trying to pose and take picture with the car and acted like "Oh, this is mine". Phew! I can't stand it (because I didn't have anyone to take picture for me, lol, not really, I was embarrassed to take and act like mine.)

The front side is gorgeous. The Alfa Spider.

The black one is nice too, it is two-doors type. But this is with roof. The red one is roofless.

Then I went to Orchard Cineleisure. I met Anna, her brother Lawrence, Olivia & her bf. Lynn reached there like a min after me. We all ahead to watch Pirates Movie. I never watch this movies before. I don't like it. But they bought ticket for me already. So yeah, I went to watch it too.

The movie is too many crazy stuffs and Suck (sorry, Pirates movies' Fans.) I don't like it. I was falling asleep in theater. Waste my money! I didn't get the movie at all. Lynn said she watched this movie twice, still she didn't understand it.

The water fountain at The Hereen. I was at level 4, I shot it because I was bored.

After the movie, they all went to go shopping in Orchard. First at Paragon Gucci Shop, then we went to some shops at The Hereen. I was kinda sleepy. I said Bye! to them and went back home first. It was nice to meet Anna and Olivia for the first time. Lynn gonna leave to YGN this friday again. How coincidence that I always meet Lynn before she goes back YGN like twice already.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss Universe 2006 is crowning Miss Universe 2007 (Japan).

Miss Japan doesn't look like typical Japanese girl. Maybe, because she is quite tall and her face doesn't look like Japanese.

When Miss USA slipped and fell down, I shouted like "oops!". I understand how she felt and she would be embarrassed.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Moo Ryong from Witch Amusement / Witch Yoo Hee KDrama. He is a chef in this drama. I wanna eat the food he prepares. It must be really delicious. I like this actor Jae Hee.
I'm currently watching this drama. The actress Han Ga In is the one lucky girl to star in this drama with three hottest actors, Jae Hee, Dennis Oh, Kim Jeong Hoon. Furthermore, she kisses with all the three actors in this drama. Argh! Major Jealous with capital J. Because I like these all three actors.

Han Ga In
Jae Hee

Dennis Oh

Kim Jeong Hoon

Witch Amusement / Witch Yoo Hee KDrama poster

Good New : I got a call from my dad and we did voice chat at gtalk. He said our old house is sold out. My dad and mom will come to Singapore for visit soon. Maybe, a month later or something. I'm really happy to hear that new. When they come here, we might visit to Bangkok and Malaysia together as family trip. I can't wait to that time.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

This new movie "My Tutor Friend Lesson II" looks wack funny (Look at the first three pictures / posters.) I'm so ga-ga to see this. This movie is kinda sequel to "My Tutor Friend" movie. The first movie was also really funny and it was a hit too. I can't wait to watch this movie. The actor looks new to me. I never watch his drama or movie before. But he looks pretty handsome. I like the actress. Although she isn't really beauty queen, she is funny and cute.

My Tutor Friend Lesson II's Synopsis

Junko, a Japanese of Korean ancestry, comes to Korea to find her sweetheart. She finds lodging at a guest house that provides room and board. Unfortunately, the room that she is supposed to stay in belongs to the owner’s son, Jong-man. On her first night in Seoul, Junko is forced to share the room with Jong-man. Junko wants to find another place, but the owner desires to keep Junko as a guest and offers Junko free Korean lessons from Jong-man. It is going to be some adventure for Junko in Seoul!


Lee Cheong Ah
Park Ki Woong

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Preparing Time, pork & mushed potato. This is Before.

Item in Progress

After. Taa-Daa. Excuse me! This is not prepared by Best Chef. So don't blame me for not-so-nice-looking.

Playing with food is FUN!

This is dinner for last night. All exclusively prepared by ME.

Thank to my brother for giving me idea to take photo and post as entry.

Hey! I treat to my blog readers with some food, right? This is second time treating. So, don't forget to visit next time. Haha! I'm sorry that if my food doesn't look like tempting to you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sung Yuri is one of the korean actress. She is so cute, pure and pretty. Don't you agree?

picture credit to : soompi forum

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I hardly go to west side of Singapore. Yesterday, I had to go there because of job interview near Clementi. I was a East Sider. Now I'm a North Sider. Those are the enough reason for why I hardly go to West Side.

The sky after raining. It is so blue and beautiful. The place is at Pandan Loop.

The construction place near Clementi MRT. I guess it is building for Shopping Center or something.

This is not another MRT suicide case which just left his or her footwear before he or she does suicide.
I was bored. I shot the picture of my footwear. lol

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There has some space between wall and my bed. But I don't know why my leg always walks near from the bed. Because of that conflict, I have several bruises on my leg. Argh!

Modified Bed by ME

The bruises on my leg. Does it look like someone abuse me? lol

Today, I have to go to interview in afternoon. Good luck to me. Depend on situation, I might go to walk-in interview at Watson Personal Care & Metro Department Store.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm currently jobless, right? So, I'm looking for job. After I sent my resume to some of the companies, sometimes, I'm shortlisted. Then, I got the phone call for interview. But some people didn't mention that which company they are from (or maybe, I was half-asleep when they call me, my bad!). How can I know it because I send my resume like to zillion of companies, huh! But I didn't really ask them, I don't want to get bad impression for me. I'm quite smart, right? (self advertisement, lol). I will tell you how I trace the company.

They sure tell me the company address, but sometimes, they don't tell me the company name and which position I applied. So I try to find the company name and position. Sometimes, from the phone number they called me, I try to type the phone number in Google. Ta-Da, sometimes, I got the company name. Now I get another site to look out. It is Internet Yellow Pages for Singapore. I have interview on this Wednesday. I don't know the company name and which position I applied for. I tried to find out from phone number. No luck! Finally, I got it from Yellow Pages. Phew! Finally, I knew the company name when I tried to find with phone number in the Yellow Pages. I still don't know which position I applied. I can't find from sent items in my Yahoo emails. I can't find from newspaper (the place I was looking for job vacancies) as well. Let it be, I will know it on Wednesday.

I wonder how companies expect job seeker to remember all the company names and positions we applied. Do they think that we applied for their company only? Some companies are quite nice, they email us about the company address and stuffs. It is better that we get more info on them.

Living in Singapore! I should know some useful sites. Here are the sites I always find out things when I need to go new places or interviews.
- type the address, you will see the map of the place you are looking for - Duh, it is Yellow Pages. I don't need to explain much about this site, right? - Singapore Bus Service. This is what SBS stands for if you wonder what it is. You can get the info about the bus. I always go to check it that which bus should I take it and how many bus stops do I need to take to the place I want to go.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I like If I'm useful for someone or something. But I don't like if I'm being used by someone. It might look similar. But it is different feeling for me.
If I'm useful - when someone ask me like do you know this place or how should they go that place, I can send them out, I can show them around.
If I'm being used - I go out with them to show the place, but when they meet their friends or something at that place and they don't need me anymore, I become like I'm extra. They don't really care I'm around them or not. They will do whatever they want. I hate being like extra or alone. Yes, after all, every times, I'm still lonely.

I feel miserable when someone ask me following questions -

Don't you do further study?
Have you found job?
If you don't find it yet, how do you survive during those days? (now is around 4 months being jobless, yep.)
Why don't you work part-time job?

I don't mean they can't ask me. But it is just me. I'm stubborn and lazy girl.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I didn't really have plan to go TP Thingyan 2007 since I didn't have ticket at first. But like that day morning around 9 am, Heiman called me and said she just has extra ticket. Then, I rushed to take shower and dress up. When we went out around 10 am, reached Tampines around 11 am plus. Heiman went to DBS bank to change the 1,000 note. Then, we took cabbie. Here I come Mercedes Benz Cab. Wow, How much we love Mercedes baby. Every times, when I see Mercedes Cab, I just wanna take the cab and hoop on. But I don't have much luck alone to take Mercedes Cab. Sai Sai and Heiman might have that luck. If I'm with them, it is just like so easy to get Mercedes Cab to TP.


Travel in style, right?

The show was hilarious. Every jokes, I was laughing really hard. The best Poly Thingyan in Singapore for every years. Muahahaha!

The last performance (band) at outside

Aw! How much we miss TP and how much we love TP. It is still beautiful as ever

After TP thingyan, I went to Bugis to meet colleagues from K & S. We all met at Bugis MRT. After that we all went to have dinner near Sultan Mosque. I heard that name before, but never been there. The food at there wasn't really satisfactory (I forgot the shop name). Aisah invited us to her wedding in June. So I think she wanted to meet especially to give the invitations to us. She is not inviting the manager or supervisor. Haha. Those evils Victor & Joseph.

Mercedes Taxi picture credit to :

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I gonna write about MY-NEW-HOUSE again. I know, I know. It is quite a lot entries about it already. But I can't help it since I have nothing much to update.

There has one thing what I like about my house is when I get out from my house, I can smell some flowers smell. It is really nice smell, and lovely.

Another thing is there has two playgrounds and Elderly Fitness Stations near my block. I should work out at that Fitness Station. Those are manual, not machine fitness things. Yes, yes, I know I should work out at there. Just now I was working out a bit and got sweat. The playground is nice too. The other night I was playing at there with my friend. I played with slide and mountain climbing for kid. Haha. How long I hardly play with slide.

The tree near playground. There has white flowers on the tree. I don't know what it is called. But I know the smell is really nice. There has a lot of those kinda trees near the playground and Fitness Stations.

The Fitness Stations

Fitness Station (it is quite dark at that side)

This is how you should work out

My brother was sitting and surfing net with his lappy while I was playing / working out with some fitness stations. I dragged him to go playground with me. So I asked him to bring his lappy. There has a lot of wireless network at there. About 19. Yeah, but some are security enabled.

I asked him to try board jump. And I wanted to take his flying photo. Haha. But camera was slow. He looked funny in that picture. Talking about board jump, it reminded me that I failed my board jump test in my Polytechnic Days. It was in some physical test or something. Lol. What a shame.

Tomorrow, I might not talk and blog about my house again. Haha. I might go to Temasek Poly Myanmar Thingyan. How much I wish I could go. But till now, I have no ticket. So I have only 1% chance to go there. But I have two options. Because Tomorrow I might go to meet JQ, Aisah and other colleagues from my previous work at Bugis. Yep, last week meeting was canceled. I don't know why.


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