Friday, February 26, 2010

I was digging up my past by reading my old xanga, looking through all the pictures at there and reading what I have written there. I was immature and childish. But that time, it was a cozy place with such a group of lovely people, Nang, Lynn, Khine, Julie, Honey, Kris, Yu Mon, Anna, Sammie and a lot of people. I used to get a lot of comments from these people.

I am saving all my old pictures from xanga. Gonna repost here when I feel like to. It will be nice to look back on my blogspot when I stop blogging or something.


I look like I got face stroke or something

I don't know why, I feel I look like ducky in this photo


This could use as poster for ghost/horror movie?

Crybaby (just acting)




Oh, I just saw UFO up there!!!

In changing room

All these pictures are taken by my phone Sony Ericsson W800. My first camera phone ever in 2006, it is 2 Mega pixel phone and it is quite decent picture quality though.

I guess my skin in past was much better than current skin. I used to have clear skin and no pimples. Nowadays, sometimes, I have about one or two pimples and when pimples are gone, I have pimple scars. Maybe, due to stress. Last time, I was still student, no worry, stress and carefree life. Now I am working adult with full of stress and burden. Darn. I am old and aging now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's just imagine...

If I ever win the S$2.2 million lottery -

1. I will resign from my job.
2. I will treat my close friends/good friends/best friends at Carousel Royal Plaza on Scott as my birthday.
3. I will go back to Myanmar.
4. I will give some amount of money to my parents for their own usage.
5. I will buy cars for them and myself.
6. I will buy house and build as design which I want to do one. The house is for me and my parents.
7. I will give some money to my brother to set up business which he always wants to do one.
8. I will visit around the Myanmar with my family.
9. I will visit around the world with my family.
10. I will donate to poor people, charity and orphanage.
11. I will start playing golf and swimming again (I have started learning since 10 years. After that I have stopped doing them due to time and some circumstances).
12. I will learn about deejaying and learn to be film director.
13. I will set up my own business. (Let me thing of one first)
14. I will settle my school fee loan and my brother school fee loan.
15. I will give presents to my friends who are really really good to me through out the years.

I have listed down, so I probably won't need to think hard and much if I ever win lottery.
Now, just pray. Let me win the lottery on 3rd March. Please Please!!! (FYI, I have bought two tickets) =p

My brother always told me I-buy-lottery-tickets means I am buying chance to dream. To my brother (you read my blog, right?), I am kind enough to give you some money to set up your own business, okay? So you better pray for me.

To Vico : Yes, yes. Universal studios, resort world and casino. Universal studio isn't really officially open yet. It will open in next month. Well, if I turn out to be successful one, you can feature me as successful candidate. Haha.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Saturday, no earlier plan or arrangement. Red just suddenly called me like 11.45am. I had to go to school for project presentation. I told her I would finish at 1.30pm and would join them. And we had fun at there. And I would like to go more get together to visit some places with them.

To Vico : Haha, idk. Cheapo BBQ, right? Um..I don't want to be desperate. But I don't want to be alone. I saw this quote in 'woman who still wants to marry'. It is darn true. "because nobody loved me, in order to protect myself. i might have deliberately become self-centered
it's a lonely vicious circle." Well, pretty boys are eye candy. Sometimes, I like them not as them. I like them as their characters+their looks in drama. As long as, they are ok in my eye (doesn't need to be pretty boys), it is fine for me. So you can introduce to me. Start with me, you could become good match maker. lol.

Remember this imaginary world fantasy bedtime story from childhood? Now the film is coming as extension of Alice In Wonderland's story. What we have read and seen from book, now there have a lot of interesting characters come as alive in this film. Exciting!

My favourite character will be "Cheshire Cat". He is all calm, casual sensuality with seductive grin that masks his cowardice. His smiling face is unique, fun and cute in some way. At the same time, it is meant to cover up his cowardice, it is pitiful. Like ourselves human being, sometimes, we have to put smiles on our faces even though we are hurt inside. I can feel him, The Cheshire Cat.

“Catch Alice in Wonderland Movie starting from 4th March 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitterpage!”

Friday, February 19, 2010

I want this hoodie. Rihanna and Lee Hyori wore this before. I like and want it not because they wore this before. I want it because I love hoodie and this looks unique, fun and cute. (I will minus out tail thing). Wings sneaker is sizzling hot. Plus, it is gold color.

 If I get one, will I have courage to wear this? Haha, I don't know. But nowadays, you wear this crazy stuffs and don't worry, people won't think you are crazy, they will think/say are you trying to be Lady Gaga. Thanks to Lady Gaga's fashion style, we are still far cry from her. Because look at this, Lady Gaga at Brit Award. Ice cream cone?

Feeling school girl uniform
This is in toilet. Na Na pub toilet. This sofa is comfy. Can't resist to take picture. Some people said I look like gangster or god mother or the pose of YEH from Lady Castle (where is two good-looking prince around me?)

My cousin AAM took this photo. I was queue to withdraw money from ATM. My body is unproportional? Upper body is bigger than my lower body (legs).

This is school uniform in my country. White and green.

To Vico : The BBQ buffet, they only have chicken, beef, prawn, mussels and those hard shell things (I don't eat and I don't know how to call them). No steak, no ribs or other things. Not much choice. 50 years old? I am going to be soon in next 24 years :D Maybe, you are welcome to find one for me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seoul Garden is having this promotion 50% discount for Monday to Wednesday Dinner Buffet (after 5pm). Then I went to have dinner with Ma Bon, Teddy (Ma Bon's husband), his mom and their 1 year old son.

It has been about 3 months that I didn't eat at Seoul Garden. Actually, there has not much variety to choose for buffet. But the promotion price is good. So no complaint about it during promotion. It was only S$55 for 4 persons.

Prawn Prawn Prawn

Look how much Teddy ate

Mine is at right side below corner of the picture (multiply by 3). 

Dessert. The fun thing is I could make myself and I can put whatever I want. So my fave red bean+sweet corn

To Vico : I started thinking like that already. Haha. And will you find one for me? :p

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol is back. I start watching it. But I watch only first few episodes of American Idol. So these first few episodes are audition. They are entertaining and a lot of dramas. I love dramas, yayyy!! I don't continue watching when there has top 24 or top 12 or whatever. I don't really care who will get American Idol. Strange, enough?

To Vico : That shoe right? I thought after wearing a few times, it will be ok. All my other shoes were like ok after wearing a few times. I don't rush for marriage. I might even become spinster :D I will treat you when you come to SG. To come US, let me save for airfare first :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

My post-valentine date with Wynnle at Mahanttan Fish Market @ Plaza Singapura. She warned me not to go out yesterday. She said it would be eye-soring to see girls with flowers,  chocolates and boyfriends, haha.

Seafood platter with Lobster

Sizzling Louisiana Prawns

My date pretty 'Wynnle'

Good food makes me happy. I told Wynnle that I would like to be food critic, then I can have all the good food :D

I officially hate you. You hurt my feet.

After the meal, we had sat down somewhere and talked about love, life and etc. We talked about is it like freak to other that we are single and not married at this age? Are we laughing stock or what? Grr, lol, screw them.

This morning, one of my friend from US called me. He is like a brother to me, we knew quite long time ago from online. We had talked about all the stuffs and he asked me to check out the Nikon D3 price in Singapore. He would like to know if it is cheaper in Singapore.

Nikon DSLR D3 - S$7488

Nikon DSLR D3S - S$7888

Nikon DSLR D3X - S$13888

Holy crap, it is freaking expensive. I know DSLR cameras are expensive like S$1000-3000. Never knew about 10K plus. Now is it like trend for guys to have these DSLR camera? It is like girls go ga ga over for those branded bags, clothes, heels and etc.
This amount is only for camera body, there still have follow up for lens and blah blah blah.

To Vico : Nah, it is not in same days. I didn't eat all in one day. Maybe, I could try if you treat me :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gonna be loooooonggg weekend, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I can sleep as much as I want for like 4 days. Bought few stuffs to cook and keeps them in fridge. I don't know I will even cook.

Today, I went to City Hall with Ma Bon, her son and her mom-in-law. Kathy gonna be there after her class. I met quite a lot of people there.
First, Susie at MRT, unexpectedly, I poked her to see me. Second, Lu Lu Htet with her family. Third, Yu Mon, Kristy (Nge), TMT at Innle (Yu Mon texted me, they would be there). Fourth, Ko MT. Fifth, Ko PT. They were together though.

My brother might starved himself to buy World of Warcraft battle chest. He bought it using his monthly allowance (he might say later that he has no more money to eat?). I was thinking to give him Ang Pao for CNY, how nice of me? Now I don't feel like giving to him anymore. He is out of limited. He has used around S$200 (just only for his transport, eating out, etc) within 12 days from his monthly allowance. At home, I provided him everything plus even food. >_< I shouldn't buy him computer earlier. He has been playing WoW non-stop. Even though he had exam today, he was still playing last night until like 4am or something (I was sleeping and I didn't know well).

Had company buffet lunch at Furama
Baked potato with wild mushroom, prawn, lamb stew.
First round, I had tried almost everything. And these are my fave. Lamb stew is quite good. Prawn has sweetness of it own. Potato is nice and wild mushroom is fantastic. I love all types of mushroom. I think they are cute, fun and yummy.

Dessert time.
(Upper) peach mousse, strawberry mousse, pudding
(below) chocolate leftover from marsh mellow dip in chocolate fountain, scoop of yam ice cream with different types of nuts, I name my ice cream as Good Girl Gone Nuts, lastly, custard puff

This is home made cook. I saw this dish from one of my friend in facebook. Minced pork with potato and egg. I have tried to cook it. Not bad, nice.

Cupcake or what? I don't know my co-worker gave me

Had alcapone donuts with Kathy. On the box, it show three means 'I love you'.

Can have fun in toilet
Act cute, Baaa!!!


Blow kiss but look like what? (Gimme the money?)

To Vico : Yes, all my uncles and my cousins from my dad's side love to eat a lot. Worry for photos? Treat me good food, I will take pictures. I mean the photos from trip is no more. Well, in Singapore, I have not much activity and nothing to take pictures too unless I go out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This would be final part of my YGN trip Dec 09

I had lunch with Susie at Black Canyon Cafe. I met my cousin there. I kept on bumping him such places. Last time at Sakura Sky Lounge Cafe. 

Tom Yam Soup. After looking at picture, my brother thought it is moh-hin-gar

Susie's drink

Pretty Susie. She had salad only.

Me with red face, still recovering from flu. My face looks like tomato with red t-shirt and some blusher on cheek to cover up my rash from flu.

The last day in YGN. My cousin drove me to airport. The wine bottle I brought back from Pyin Oo Lwin, suddenly, it opened up itself and half of the wine spilled on me. All my clothes smelt like wine. I had to change cloth when I reached airport.

My dad, My Mom and Me (Ye Lay said he would be in airport and shooting MTV for his album, so he called me and I was on the phone with him while taking this picture)

My cousin (the one I kept on meeting him at places), My Mom and Me

My dad, Me, My Mom and Ye Lay. He might be busy for his MTV. But it was kind of him to come and see me. He even gave me card, his latest CD album and lyric book.
I didn't ask him to take picture. My mom wanted to and she asked. Is she his fan? I don't know :D Well, Ye Lay is very polite and greeted my parents and shook hands. As celebrities, he is not like very proud of himself or whatever. I don't know. Whatever, he is one of good friend to me. I didn't meet with him frequently, mostly we had contacted through phone call only. I had met him only once at 365 cafe for lunch.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hyun Woo is Super adorable and cute like a baby (Guess his age, he is 85 born, so he is 25 years old). I am enjoying Pasta. I mean Pasta Kdrama. I would love to eat the pasta he makes. I am Italian food fan. Pasta, Spaghetti, Lasagna and Pizza, I love all of you even though you are making me fat like a pig.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Visual Basic (VB), you are driving me crazy.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

အေကာင္းဆံုး အမ်ိဳးသမီး ဇာတ္ပို႕ဆု - ခင္မို႕မို႕ေအး (အမ်ားႏွင့္မသက္ဆိုင္ေသာ)
အေကာင္းဆံုး အမ်ိဳးသား ဇာတ္ပို႕ဆု - ရဲေအာင္ (အကယ္ဒမီေရွာ့ခ္)
အေကာင္းဆံုး အမ်ိဳးသား ဇာတ္ေဆာင္ဆု - ခန္႕စည္သူ (အမ်ားႏွင့္မသက္ဆိုင္ေသာ)
အေကာင္းဆံုး အမ်ိဳးသမီး ဇာတ္ေဆာင္ဆု - မို႕မို႕ျမင့္ေအာင္ (ျမင့္မိုရ္ထက္က သရဖူ)
အေကာင္းဆံုး ဒါရိုက္တာဆု - ညီညီထြန္းလြင္ (အမ်ားႏွင့္မသက္ဆိုင္ေသာသူ)
အေကာင္းဆံုး ဇာတ္ကားဆု - အမ်ားႏွင့္မသက္ဆိုင္ေသာသူ

Academy list for For Nge :)
Nge, I thought it is one of my bestie Kristy. She tweeted me it wasn't her. Sorry.

Credit to Myanmarcupid

This is second day in Pyin Oo Lwin

Breakfast. Minced port with rice or something. It was my first time eating this.

Shan Noodle. I love Shan noodle. I kept on eating like a lot during whole trip.

Fried Tofu

After breakfast, we went to hair salon to get our hairs washed. It was super cold weather and we didn't bring hair dryer. Hotel didn't provide one also. Then we saw this shop selling milk which is near to hair salon. Although I don't really like milk, I just wanted to have it because I thought it would be kinda pure milk which won't mix with a lot of water like in YGN.
Naunt Naunt with her yogurt drink. She wanted to drink strawberry milk so much. Too bad, not available yet because no strawberry.

Got milk? Me & my milk.
My sweater, I bought it like last 10 years ago or something.

Pure Milk

After milk shop, we walked around and shopped around a bit. Then Sai Sai called us and told us they have reached Hotel in Pyin Oo Lwin. After that we had lunch at one of Indian shop. The food is good.
And we had prepared to go to Yadanarpone ICT place.

Up on the stage to see them. It was frigging cold on the stage. I felt as the stage was quite unstable and not built well. I was scared all the time and thinking when would it be collapsed. My heel stucked on the stage as well. I had to be extra careful when walked or moved around on the stage.


After the show, we were back to Hotel to leave some stuffs and headed to Ti Ti's house for dinner. Dinner was awesome and there had sooooooooo much food. We became full even though we didn't eat rice. Thanks to Ti Ti's mom.
After dinner, we had moved to Feel restaurant. It is located in front of lake. John insisted to sit outside. It was freezing. No one wanted to sit outside, and finally we sat inside.
But we sat there for a while to take photo.
Me and Naunt Naunt
I have borrowed leather jacket and black jacket from Sai Sai. He was kind enough to give me. I got gloves from John as well.

Me & Naunt Naunt at Feel

John the my brother a.k.a brother black pig, Me & Naunt Naunt
Ko Nay Min, Ko Myo Zaw, Sai Sai and Ko Han Htun having some discussion

Ok now they all taken pictures with us.
(Left) Ko Nay Min, Ko Myo Zaw, John
(Right) Sai Sai, Ko Han Htun, Ti Ti, Me
I had thai tea frappe. I didn't know it is cold drink. I thought it is hot drink. I knew it is cold drink when I only got served. Ko Han Tun was so surprised that I had ordered cold drink in super cold weather. And he asked me surprisely, 'are you drinking cold drink?'. I said 'No, I wrongly ordered and I thought it is hot drink but it turns out to be cold drink'.
When we were about to leave the place, Sai Sai picked a few ice and naughtily trying to put some ice into our clothes. I had to run. Poor Naunt Naunt got the ice in her cloth. Bully brother.
Not only running away from ice. Outside of restaurant, it is super duper cold. I had to run into car once the door locks were opened by remote. I didn't care if they were still talking outside. I had to sit inside car which is warmer than outside.

The third day. Going around places to have breakfast at some good food stalls, due to the fact, we woke up late. No more food in that stall. We just went another place to have breakfast. After that went to somewhere to have pure milk again. It was in some field. We could even see cows at there.
After that in some shop, Sai Sai and John had shopping. Then, we packed things and prepared to go Mandalay Airport. On the way, they had to sing at ICT show again. It was last minute urgent request. John didn't want it because we might miss flight. But still they still sang at ICT show.

Ok, the flight was 2PM. We had reached airport at 2:30PM. Shoot! We had missed flight. We tried for another flight. Only three seats leave, so John had to stay behind for another flight again.

I have met Ye Lay in Pyin Oo Lwin. He didn't have plan to come for Pyin Oo Lwin show at first. He would just be at Mandalay for shows and promotions or something. But I didn't know what made him decide to come Pyin Oo Lwin, whatever, it is still good. It was so nice of him that he called me that he would be coming to Pyin Oo Lwin. But I just met him a while only at show though.

To Vico : The hat, it is troublesome for me to bring to Myanmar and Pyin Oo Lwin. Because I couldn't pack it in luggage. I had to wear it like the whole time. 16'C is ok for me only if I will be under the sun. If as air con, I could't stand it. Yes, waterfall is nice, there still has another waterfall, we didn't have time to go though. You should visit Myanmar and we can go there, right? :) I had flu. My friends said it is new flu or something. I didn't know. They told me I might be sick like for 5 days and would have skin rash after that, it is kinda recovery rash or something.


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