Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This would be final part of my YGN trip Dec 09

I had lunch with Susie at Black Canyon Cafe. I met my cousin there. I kept on bumping him such places. Last time at Sakura Sky Lounge Cafe. 

Tom Yam Soup. After looking at picture, my brother thought it is moh-hin-gar

Susie's drink

Pretty Susie. She had salad only.

Me with red face, still recovering from flu. My face looks like tomato with red t-shirt and some blusher on cheek to cover up my rash from flu.

The last day in YGN. My cousin drove me to airport. The wine bottle I brought back from Pyin Oo Lwin, suddenly, it opened up itself and half of the wine spilled on me. All my clothes smelt like wine. I had to change cloth when I reached airport.

My dad, My Mom and Me (Ye Lay said he would be in airport and shooting MTV for his album, so he called me and I was on the phone with him while taking this picture)

My cousin (the one I kept on meeting him at places), My Mom and Me

My dad, Me, My Mom and Ye Lay. He might be busy for his MTV. But it was kind of him to come and see me. He even gave me card, his latest CD album and lyric book.
I didn't ask him to take picture. My mom wanted to and she asked. Is she his fan? I don't know :D Well, Ye Lay is very polite and greeted my parents and shook hands. As celebrities, he is not like very proud of himself or whatever. I don't know. Whatever, he is one of good friend to me. I didn't meet with him frequently, mostly we had contacted through phone call only. I had met him only once at 365 cafe for lunch.

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  1. Vico said...
    So no more pics after this? :D You kept meeting your cousin at food places, you guys must be a family that likes to eat. :P

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