Friday, February 5, 2010

Well, gonna be a lot of pictures in this post.

I have visited to Pyin Oo Lwin from 28th Dec to 30th Dec. Me and Naunt Naunt took flight from YGN to Mandalay. Then, we would go to Pyin Oo Lwin by car. A car would be waiting for us in Mandalay Airport. We would meet Sai Sai and John in Pyin Oo Lwin, they would come from Theini (somewhere from Shan State).

Hello, Mandalay Airport. It was 2nd time taking flight and coming to Mandalay.
There had a lot of foreigners on flight. Look like mostly are from Europe countries.

On the way to Pyin Oo Lwin.
Pyin Oo Lwin is sea level above 1000 meters plus.

We have reached to Royal Park View Hotel. This was our room where me and Naunt Naunt staying.

Outside of the room, it wasn't raining. It was so cold, so the glass was misty. I didn't have chance to go out and sit at there. It was super frigging cold. I don't have those clothes for cold weather because I use to stay in hot weather. The normal temperature in day time like afternoon was like 16'C which is like coldest temperature of air con.
At night, the temperature was like 4'C. It was my first time staying in such a cold weather.

We decided to roam around in Pyin Oo Lwin. When Sai Sai and John joined us, we wouldn't have chance to do so.
We walked around and asked if there has any shan noodle shop there. It was quite near from hotel. Then we asked shop owner that if it is near to National Botanical Garden. She said we could walk to there. We walked all the way there. On the way, we saw a lot of nice houses. I want to own a house there. Almost all the houses have name such as 'cherry', 'rose', blah blah (later, when I met Sai Sai and John, I told them, John said I could give name as 'White Pig'. He is my god brother and names as 'Brother Black Pig'. I am sister white pig.

We walked all the way to park. But it was quite far. We even had to stop and ate another meal, after that decided to take ride.
Me and Naunt Naunt ,in the horse carriages. It is nice to take a ride but I am pity to those horses.

Finally reach to the park

I don't know what does it call. Nice color though, green and violet. Not sure it is natural or not.

The tree name is strange. Haha. 'Eait Chin Pote', I don't know for whole meaning, but for word by work 'Eait' is 'sleep', 'Chin' is 'Sour', 'Pote' is 'Rotten'.

Wearing short will be freezing me. So I can only wear my legging. Saving me from cold. I had wear legging when I went to Mandalay in 2007 as well. It was in winter also.

It is pretty. I should have a prince with me to take this flower ride.

Does it look like I am wearing country style or what?

In the Pine forest

So tall

Naunt Naunt wearing my sunglass. It suits on her and she looks like some actress :)

The tree is big and white

Is it bee hive?

Me & Naunt Naunt. She is so cute.

What am I doing? I don't know how to pose.

I love you? To who?

I love this picture. Her jump is nice. It looks like some commercial photo. 
Even her shadow is in photo.

Miniature of Mandalay Palace

B.E Waterfall

Didn't go down and play in waterfall though. We didn't have plan to go there. Naunt Naunt's friend sent us. So I was still wearing my legging. Not suppose to go into water, right?


Having dinner. People said the porridge at that shop is quite famous and good. The shop is just roadside stall.
I didn't eat at there though. I was still full.
I could see Parcel Tower (clock tower) from the shop.

Naunt Naunt

Me. My face was red and terribly bad. Thanks to sickness. I had skin rashes.
We took motorbike ride. On the bike, there has a cart. We had to sit in there. It was super cool when motorbike was running.

Sai Sai and John supposed to join us on the day we arrived. They should reach to Pyin Oo Lwin around afternoon or evening. But got a call that, they couldn't reach Pyin Oo Lwin because they had to stay and sing one more night at there. They would arrive next day.

I shall continue posting the rest in next entry.

To Vico : I was sick for like 10 days. Recovering and sick. I had three shots for my sickness, one shot for my allergy.

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  1. Vico said...
    Nice hat. :D You must be used to really hot temperatures cause 16°C in the winter is pretty warm for me.
    Those waterfalls look beautiful, seems like a nice place to visit.
    Three shots? Did you have the flu or a common cold?

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