Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Unknown number, it is not that I purpose don't answer your call. I was in shower or away from my phone. Keep on calling just to hear my Hello-Hello.

Today, me and my brother went to Mahanttan Fish Market Restaurant to have seafood platter. They were having promotion. So long queue, my brother was craving for Burger King, then we just ate at Burger King. I had bought Billabong flip flop for my brother, I am such a good sister, rite? And I bought this bling bling sticker for my hand phone and hand phone key chain. It is a bit not well done though, but whatever, it is my first time. It is easy though, just paste it on phone only, no glue or other things needed

I can put pinky finger in the bee, cute, right?

P.S. Now 2AM++, I am late to sleep again, like I said before in previous post, right? I only have 5 hours to sleep now. ZzZzZz.. I have some more pictures to post though, they are in my hand phone, I bought t-shirt with hoodie and jean pant for my friend's son birthday.

To Vico : I can't remember that we went to wedding or school first :D


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