Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's just imagine...

If I ever win the S$2.2 million lottery -

1. I will resign from my job.
2. I will treat my close friends/good friends/best friends at Carousel Royal Plaza on Scott as my birthday.
3. I will go back to Myanmar.
4. I will give some amount of money to my parents for their own usage.
5. I will buy cars for them and myself.
6. I will buy house and build as design which I want to do one. The house is for me and my parents.
7. I will give some money to my brother to set up business which he always wants to do one.
8. I will visit around the Myanmar with my family.
9. I will visit around the world with my family.
10. I will donate to poor people, charity and orphanage.
11. I will start playing golf and swimming again (I have started learning since 10 years. After that I have stopped doing them due to time and some circumstances).
12. I will learn about deejaying and learn to be film director.
13. I will set up my own business. (Let me thing of one first)
14. I will settle my school fee loan and my brother school fee loan.
15. I will give presents to my friends who are really really good to me through out the years.

I have listed down, so I probably won't need to think hard and much if I ever win lottery.
Now, just pray. Let me win the lottery on 3rd March. Please Please!!! (FYI, I have bought two tickets) =p

My brother always told me I-buy-lottery-tickets means I am buying chance to dream. To my brother (you read my blog, right?), I am kind enough to give you some money to set up your own business, okay? So you better pray for me.

To Vico : Yes, yes. Universal studios, resort world and casino. Universal studio isn't really officially open yet. It will open in next month. Well, if I turn out to be successful one, you can feature me as successful candidate. Haha.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I'll pray for you and then treat me well. :D

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