Friday, February 12, 2010

Gonna be loooooonggg weekend, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I can sleep as much as I want for like 4 days. Bought few stuffs to cook and keeps them in fridge. I don't know I will even cook.

Today, I went to City Hall with Ma Bon, her son and her mom-in-law. Kathy gonna be there after her class. I met quite a lot of people there.
First, Susie at MRT, unexpectedly, I poked her to see me. Second, Lu Lu Htet with her family. Third, Yu Mon, Kristy (Nge), TMT at Innle (Yu Mon texted me, they would be there). Fourth, Ko MT. Fifth, Ko PT. They were together though.

My brother might starved himself to buy World of Warcraft battle chest. He bought it using his monthly allowance (he might say later that he has no more money to eat?). I was thinking to give him Ang Pao for CNY, how nice of me? Now I don't feel like giving to him anymore. He is out of limited. He has used around S$200 (just only for his transport, eating out, etc) within 12 days from his monthly allowance. At home, I provided him everything plus even food. >_< I shouldn't buy him computer earlier. He has been playing WoW non-stop. Even though he had exam today, he was still playing last night until like 4am or something (I was sleeping and I didn't know well).


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