Monday, May 25, 2009

New House is not bad (I surely need curtain in my room). Crap again, my lappie gone wild. Error is like Window could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt : \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

Update more next time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Face-booking becomes everything playing games, twitters, chat, discussions, tagging.

Living in North or West and going to work in East side is not a good thing. Facing up Sun in the morning when going to work (North / West -> East, going to work). Facing up Sun in the Evening when going back home (East -> North / West, going back home).

Heart sinks. I waste S$3000 and 3 months just for nothing. Grr. I can understand for previous module. This module, it is rumored to be difficult. But I thought exam questions ain't that hard and I could answer all and counted for mark and thought I would be passed. Grrr..

To Vico : Ah, $1000, what should I spend on that instead of text books? :D My college days, I used to borrow books from library including cartoons such as Garfield and other stuffs. My friend said she is going to move to another states. And she is applying for citizenship now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

TOP is drop dead sexayy (Can't believe that he was a chubby boy before. Whatever he is really good looking now). I can't stop talking about it. I can't wait for his drama 'Iris'. Currently, I have a lot of dramas to watch yet too little time, sigh~~ I wish I don't need to do anything and just watching movies/dramas and play games. What a life?

Just chat with Ma SNP on gtalk. She is in Texas. Ahh, I miss her and want to meet her. I want to go to visit to her. Maybe, a few years later? Just reading about US visa progress and things, it is giving me headache. Maybe, I should convert to Singaporean and I won't need visa to go US or I should participate in US DV program.

To Vico : Yeah, I am part time student. All my bed sheets are cartoons and things. Even my brother's bed sheets as well. I didn't mean to force but I am the one who has to buy, so yeah, I bought the design I like. Most of my things are cartoon stuffs, example, my plates , dishes, and other things. Well, I will speed up fast to buy house. My brother said he is not going to buy house (it is not eligible to buy house myself alone here, unless I turn to 35 years and single, duh). I haven't been to new house yet, so not sure nicer or not. But I have been lived in that neighbourhood before during my school days.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am thinking to buy a few items - Goggle for swimming, running shoe (hopefully, I will try to exercise after moving house :D ), a few stuffs to decorate new room or essential items.

Some websites to kill time -

To Vico : I am ok. But when some random people attack me on this blog, I feel like shutting down or delete or to make private blog. And yeah, I have been missing you to see on my blog :) Student like you complaint about working on weekends, including my own brother. We the adult love weekend, haha. Yeah, I gonna move house on this Sunday, you are welcome to give me a hand. I didn't buy house, my friend did. I just ate out at Pizza Hut last night. I didn't cook anymore these days.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

*Yawn*, clock ticking so fast in weekend. It is already Sunday evening. I am going to move house next week. Hope everything will be fine and I am thinking to go swimming at my school regularly if possible.

To Elaine : Nice to meet you here and thanks for visiting my blog.

To a guy from Malaysia : Aw yeah, stop visiting this crap blog (if you think so) and talking rubbish here. Ok, you have right not to visit my blog while I have right what I want to post. I am not trying to be someone. I am as what I am. I am spending my own money and I shall post on my blog whatever I bought, it is all my choice.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I thought like I have a lot of things to update. But later, i forgot and I don't know what to write any more. I am currently watching 'Queen of Housewives'. Subtitle is out until episode 16 and i finished watching until episode 16. It is quite funny. I don't like actresses (not because of I am girl, I like some actresses but not them). But I like the actors in this drama. I like Oh Ji Ho from some other dramas. The rest of actors from this drama, time after time, I like them more and more as well. Later, I even prefer Yoon Sang Hyun (the guy in center) rather than Oh Ji Ho (the guy from left side).


Chun Ji Ae and Yang Bong Soon are high school classmates who did not have the best relationship with each other. Ji Ae was the most popular girl in school whereas Bong Soon was the girl that was always made fun of. Years later, their roles are reversed as Bong Soon's husband, Kang Joon Hyuk, is very successful whereas Ji Ae's husband, Ohn Dal Soo, is just an average company worker. Things get complicated when Dal Soo starts an extra-marital affair with his boss's wife, Eun So Hyuk. How will Ji Ae react to this?


I was having good food these days. No wonder, I gain weight.

Pizza Hut (Causeway point, woodlands)

Baked Rice, Pizza, Spicy Fried Chicken Wings

Kenny Rogers (Marina Square)

Quater chicken with two cheese marcaroni & mashed potato & coleslaw, corn muffin (I love corn muffin from Kenny Roger)

Potato salad, cheese marcaroni and some bread thing

Love the lighting decorating with red bottle

Fish & Co (Tampines)

Seafood platter for 2 (prawn, mussel, fish, french fries, fried calamari, butter rich below)

New York New York (Ang Mo Kio Hub)

Platter for 2 is bigger than my cousin (whole chicken, pork ribs, corn, fried chicken chop, potato wedges)

Apple and pineapple smoothie for my cousin

Iced ultra rich chocolate for my brother (his usual drink, he has it everytime we eat at New York New York)

Big platter. Even thought it is called platter for 2, we three person shared this.

Steamboat buffet (Bugis)

I don't know where is this picture. In my Canon camera or my handphone or my brother's handphone.

Love to be friend with kids. They are pure and innocent. She is my new friend.

I met my sister at Marina Square (same pose, same color, same eyes, but half-sized of me)
*Sign off*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Teddy's birthday on 1st May. Me and Winle went to his house. His wife and mom-in-law cooked mote hin gar. I had two bowls of it and became so full.

Fruit cake (I always choose fruit cake if I buy cake and give to someone else)

Mote Hin Gar (I can view this picture and drool again when I am hungry)

After that went shopping with Winle. I bought hot pink Billabong wallet and silver flip flop from Kustom Footwear

Nice Graffiti

Good hair day (last night after washing hair and A2M took the picture)

P.S I am fat, so what? I saw some messages flooding in my cbox and cursing me. If you hate me and think I am ugly b!tch, don't come to my blog. Thank you. I never say I am pretty.


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