Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wish List

I am thinking to buy a few items - Goggle for swimming, running shoe (hopefully, I will try to exercise after moving house :D ), a few stuffs to decorate new room or essential items.

Some websites to kill time -

To Vico : I am ok. But when some random people attack me on this blog, I feel like shutting down or delete or to make private blog. And yeah, I have been missing you to see on my blog :) Student like you complaint about working on weekends, including my own brother. We the adult love weekend, haha. Yeah, I gonna move house on this Sunday, you are welcome to give me a hand. I didn't buy house, my friend did. I just ate out at Pizza Hut last night. I didn't cook anymore these days.

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  1. Vico said...
    "We the adult love weekend"-- lol, you make it sound like you're some older women. But you can't fool me, I've seen your bed sheets, you're like a little girl at heart. :P
    You take classes, so aren't you a student too? Are you getting a nicer room? I'll help you move when you buy your own house, that way we can have a party afterward. ;) Good luck with the move.

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