Thursday, May 21, 2009


TOP is drop dead sexayy (Can't believe that he was a chubby boy before. Whatever he is really good looking now). I can't stop talking about it. I can't wait for his drama 'Iris'. Currently, I have a lot of dramas to watch yet too little time, sigh~~ I wish I don't need to do anything and just watching movies/dramas and play games. What a life?

Just chat with Ma SNP on gtalk. She is in Texas. Ahh, I miss her and want to meet her. I want to go to visit to her. Maybe, a few years later? Just reading about US visa progress and things, it is giving me headache. Maybe, I should convert to Singaporean and I won't need visa to go US or I should participate in US DV program.

To Vico : Yeah, I am part time student. All my bed sheets are cartoons and things. Even my brother's bed sheets as well. I didn't mean to force but I am the one who has to buy, so yeah, I bought the design I like. Most of my things are cartoon stuffs, example, my plates , dishes, and other things. Well, I will speed up fast to buy house. My brother said he is not going to buy house (it is not eligible to buy house myself alone here, unless I turn to 35 years and single, duh). I haven't been to new house yet, so not sure nicer or not. But I have been lived in that neighbourhood before during my school days.

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  1. Vico said...
    Texas is nice, well at least some parts are. I have some family that moved down there a few years ago and I have visited them a couple of times. But in the summer it's like an oven, so hot! :( I can't live in that temperature. When I was down there I went like every day to the water park. ;) LOL, so your brother has cartoon sheets too, ha. I want to move to a better house myself, this one is too small. I don't even have space for my textbooks, I have to keep them on the floor. I have nearly $1,000 worth of books just lying there on the floor.

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