Friday, May 22, 2009

Face-booking becomes everything playing games, twitters, chat, discussions, tagging.

Living in North or West and going to work in East side is not a good thing. Facing up Sun in the morning when going to work (North / West -> East, going to work). Facing up Sun in the Evening when going back home (East -> North / West, going back home).

Heart sinks. I waste S$3000 and 3 months just for nothing. Grr. I can understand for previous module. This module, it is rumored to be difficult. But I thought exam questions ain't that hard and I could answer all and counted for mark and thought I would be passed. Grrr..

To Vico : Ah, $1000, what should I spend on that instead of text books? :D My college days, I used to borrow books from library including cartoons such as Garfield and other stuffs. My friend said she is going to move to another states. And she is applying for citizenship now.


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