Monday, January 23, 2012

Took early morning fight to Mandalay, we were at airport, taking photo while waiting check in for our bags.


We went to see Iron Cross Concert. 
Look at the audience.

 We went up to tower for a while and watched the concert.

And I was busy taking photos while they were watching.

 At some teashop on the road side.

The kid from that fashion shop is freaking cute. He was standing in front of the shop. When I saw him while I was in the car, I thought it is kid dummy. My friend told me that oh, I thought him as kid dummy. I was like, what? It is true that it is kid dummy right. I still thought it was kid dummy. He is so cute and stylish. Sai Sai took picture with him. The kid is shop owner's son.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I wanna talk to u.. I have sent email to your gmail. Please check amd reply me.

This is like I am talking to Santa :D
I am contacting you through my blog..


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