Monday, August 30, 2010

When my friend Wynnle visited Korea, I ordered her a few cosmetic. I have ordered her about 25 different things. She could only bought like 5 or 6 because most of them are out of stocks. Well, not bad, at least I could something and which costs me about S$100 only. If not, total will be like S$500. Look at the pretty bag from Etude House. 2NE1 is print on this plastic bag. Steel chopstick, spoon and pen are given by Wynnle. Steel chopstick and steel spoon, I saw in a lot of Korean movies/dramas. Now I own them. Haha.


P.S. I bought measure scale. I gained like so much weight, grrrr. But I can't stop loving food and can't stop eating as well. By the way, my life has been so boring, gimmmme some fun.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kim invited me to go JAS summer festival 2010. It was lazy and hesitate to go at first. But later I enjoyed like a lot. JAS stands for Japanese Association Singapore. Kim's friend Susie is wearing Kim's yukata. I really want to wear yukata (Japanese dress) as well. I want to get and own one. I will go to JAS Summer Festival in next year and wear yukata. Yang joined with us as well. I totally enjoyed and had so much fun. I have a lot of video, but the file sizes are quite large and I have trouble uploading currently. Well, I enjoyed Japanese folk song and kid songs as well. They are cute. I have enjoyed dancing during Bon Odori as well.A lot of kids, guys and girls are wearing yukata, everyone was so cute.


Monday, August 16, 2010

I couldn't get more pictures from show and couldn't get better pictures as well.
I feel like crying when I cannot take pictures with him. He already went back home when I asked my friend about it. I run out from theatre but still couldn't find him at outside. He is leaving tomorrow. But I have work and I couldn't go to airport. I will try to ask SS for help when I go back YGN, hope it will turn out well.

To Vico : I will say, not much fun. But worth to see my idol outside. It is my purpose to go that show. So nothing more or nothing less.

Friday, August 13, 2010

When I was young, I tagged with my parents to go some wedding or house warming party and stuffs. And about the funeral, I never been except my grandparents' funerals. Now I myself as adult, I have faced my friends' weddings, house warming party and my best friend's dad funeral. RIP to that uncle.
This weekend gonna be hectic and busy.
Darn, cannot enjoy Friday night. Tomorrow has to go to overtime. It doesn't feel good to reject all the overtime, so eventually, I have to work. After work, I have to attend funeral. Sunday morning gonna be busy as well and evening I am going to Comedy play show. No one is joining me to go, hate it. But I really want to see YZNW. So I have no choice and going alone.

To Vico : Haha, it is kinda fun photo shoot except that it is not taken by professional camera or photographer. Yah, kinda chore. The weather was hot and I was sweating. I lied down on grass and I got allergic all over my body. I had to wipe out my legs and hands with water.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This photographer TWH took picture like when I am so ugly. And I was at home.
But his new hobby phototaking is better than his current hobby, playing guitar which is noisy.

Ok, this time is not bad. It was at outside and Vivo City. Me and Kwi Kwi (My bestfriend's son)

My face is so big like full moon.

It was last two weeks ago at Vivo City.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

These following dramas, what do they have in common?

Bad Guy

A Man Called God


Baker King Tae Gu
East Of Eden

All these dramas have common things. The main thing is revenge because of their parents or childhood related. I have watched all of them, not too bad, quite good and anticipating though. Just finished watching 'A Man Called God'. Currently watching 'Bad Guy' and 'Baker King'.

To Vico : I made effort to go and take pictures for my blog, lol. My blog has been dead for ages. It is not like I have a lot of readers and comments though. But as long as I know if there is a single person reading, I might update but depend on my laziness. Haha.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I had nice wonderful Saturday with Wynnle (except that my feet hurt cuz of my oxford heel).

The place was Fort Canning Park. Pictures will tell story.



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