Monday, August 30, 2010

When my friend Wynnle visited Korea, I ordered her a few cosmetic. I have ordered her about 25 different things. She could only bought like 5 or 6 because most of them are out of stocks. Well, not bad, at least I could something and which costs me about S$100 only. If not, total will be like S$500. Look at the pretty bag from Etude House. 2NE1 is print on this plastic bag. Steel chopstick, spoon and pen are given by Wynnle. Steel chopstick and steel spoon, I saw in a lot of Korean movies/dramas. Now I own them. Haha.


P.S. I bought measure scale. I gained like so much weight, grrrr. But I can't stop loving food and can't stop eating as well. By the way, my life has been so boring, gimmmme some fun.


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