Sunday, September 5, 2010

Since I join IBM, there are stressful days and tough days. But I am getting a lot of friends and getting along well with them.

After training on Saturday, we went to Changi Airport T3 to have lunch with them.
(left side) Sarah, Catherine, Jackie
(right side) Yang, Me, Maricel

We are the king/queen?
Me and Jackie. I am Jackie's mentor. Haha.
She was like I wanted to take picture with my mentor. Haha.
By the way, I want to get that chair.

Today we hanged out again, Jackie texted me in the morning that Yang asking other to go to watch movie. I was like ok, I would join. After taking shower and about to get dress, my brother texted me to come to Changi General Hospital Accident & Emergency. His jaw was dislocated and he could not close his mouth. I was so worried and I didn't know what to do. I run out from home and tried to get taxi (where the heck are they, when I need taxi). Then when I reached Changi Hospital, he was waiting at waiting area to meet doctor. Finally, doctor fixed back his jaw. He was ok now. Then I missed the chance to go to watch movie with my friend. But I joined them after their movie. I needed a bit of shopping at Vivo City as well. After that I had to go to one of my friend's birthday at Orchard Central.

So here we are now. At Food Republic.
(left side) Jackie, Hanny, Cherie
(right side) Yang and me
Jackie the pop corn promoter and Yang the bag promoter

Me and Jackie
I am hiding behind her, so I would look smaller, haha.

Me, Jackie and Yang

Me, Jackie and Cherie

Us again

I thought Yang took picture only of Jackie. But later he said on facebook that I was not cooperative to take photo.

I like this picture. I think this facial expression is my signature or I look better in it?
It was taken by Cherie.

I got a call from my friend and Yang took this picture
(left to right) Jackie, Cherie, Hanny, Melanie, Me

Time to make funny expressions

Just pretending to shout

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  1. Vico said...
    I like the pics. :D It's good that it isn't all work for you. I think it's the first time I see you wear jeans. I like the length of you hair, it really suits you, looks pretty. :) Hope your bro is ok. You should use that "signature" pic as you profile pic.

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