Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We were planning to have get together since quite long time ago. It was hard to meet with my BFF Wynnle since she is working as shift as well. Now I work as shift as well, so finally, we can meet and have some time together. We went to Yuki Yaki buffet at Marina Square.

Pile of meat and don't know like what is what anymore. BBQ is one sided and soup is one sided. It is really good organized.

Let's eat

After eating meat and things, we moved to another table and started to make D.I.Y Ice Cream, it was my first time and so much fun.

In progress of making Raspberry Ice Cream

My Yam Ice Cream and Wynnle made Vanilla Ice Cream again.

F1 is around the corner, starting this Friday? So we saw some promotion thing at Marina Square.

(Left to Right) Wynnle in model mood and I am in F1 driver mood

Tested some nail color at Etude CitiLink. I finally bought ribbon/bow hair clip today.

Ah, finally bought air ticket to go back YGN in Nov. Just purchased air ticket from Silkair website.

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  1. Vico said...
    From one buffet to another? :P
    I remember making ice cream in elementary school. :D
    Already vacation? Didn't you just start your current job?

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