Tuesday, September 21, 2010

These are photos from my friend's birthday at Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant at Orchard Central. I just got photos from my friend's camera.

(left to right) in front of signboard of restaurant, in the lift, in front of orchard central

Today, me and my brother had brother sister outing, eating at Sakura Buffet and shopping at IKEA. It was breaklunch, it was lunch time but we didn't have breakfast yet, we just woke up and went there. I had to work night shift last night as over time. So I reached home like in the morning 8am. I slept for a while like 3 hours only and went to Sakura

Just food


While my brother was being normal and I was abnormal

Doesn't look like he is reading at home, haha. We wish it was our home. It was at IKEA. Fun to go IKEA, because we can play around with all the display set.

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  1. Vico said...
    Get some sleep.
    The pastry looks good and the living room looks comfy. :D

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